Aquabot X4 Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Fitting nicely into the middle of the robotic pool cleaner market the Aquabot X4 is not to be slighted. With a price range around $800, you’d expect to find a machine that can handle any job. The X4 manages to deliver on most counts for a quality product that shows Aquabot’s experience. While it doesn’t have too much to separate itself from the competition.

This four-wheel-drive robotic pool cleaner makes a solid case for a mid-tier option. Value is something to be proud of assuredly and this machine fits a nice amount into its humble build.

  • Rubber wheels and 4 wheel drive allow cleaning of all surfaces
  • 60-foot cord and design allows for above or inground pool cleaning
  • Efficient power usage and easy to operate
  • Heavier than most of the competition
  • Few true stand-out capabilities
  • Not the best for corners

Type of Filter

One area where the Aquabot does excel for its price bracket is certainly its impressive filtration system. With a huge 190 cubic inch capacity and dual filter basket design, you can pick up all kinds of debris. The extra size allows you to not only get more cleaning cycles than single basket machines but also cleans easier. Picking up debris down to the size of 2 microns, it can go small as well. You will also get a convenient alert when the filters are nearing full adding to ease of use. You won’t find many filtration options in its range with similar abilities.


Part of what makes this robotic cleaner versatile enough for above and inground pools is its extra-long 60-foot cable. Though where this machine really shines is the efficient drive system that uses water pressure to help it move along. This allows it to run circles around other options when it comes to power efficiency. Up to 15 times more efficient than other ways to clean your pool, this is another top of the class area.


Unlike many robotic pool cleaners in its price range, the Aquabot X4 opts for wheels over treads. Along with hugging the walls, they give this machine a simplistic appeal. A convenient hand caddy helps to make up for one of these models’ biggest downsides. With a dry weight of 35 pounds, you pay for that extra efficiency and space here. This will be a deal-breaker for some and a non-factor for others as most robotic pool cleaners are close to 20 pounds.


Aquabot X4 Robotic Pool Cleaner

All other issues aside you can’t knock the Aquabot X4 for its ability to clean a pool. Powerful efficient suction coupled with superior mobility help it get the job done. The pump is pretty serious capable of pumping out up to 85 GPM. This gives you the type of reliable turnover you need to rely on in as your primary pool cleaning tool. Heavy-duty rotating micro brushes allow it to clean from the floor to the waterline.

Climbing Ability

The other aspect that keeps its performance high are its four rubber wheels that allow the Aquabot X4 to move freely. Thanks to a four-wheel-drive system these robots can do a 90-degree transition without breaking a sweat. Working together with the suction these wheels allow for solid traction with minimal slippage. It can climb better than many treads though might struggle in corners.

Cleaning Cycles

Operation of the Aquabot X4 is surprisingly easy with a simple to use interface. You can choose between 60, 90, and 120-minute cleaning cycles depending on what you need. Choose your setting and let the Aquabot know how often you need it to clean. The proper setting will allow this machine to automatically clean every 48,72 or 96 hours.

Deflecting Features and Sensors

There’s no need to worry about telling this robotic pool cleaner where to go thanks to its onboard sensors. Through use of its AutoX Pool Mapping System, the X4 is able to accurately map out its cleaning route. By approximating the dimensions of your pool you won’t even have to decide on a cleaning cycle. It is capable of steering clear of drains (how to drain a pool read here) and other obstructions due to intelligent mapping.

Other Features

As a valiant contender for the mid-tier robotic pool cleaners pockets, this machine doesn’t have too much to differentiate itself. You can count on a tangle-free cord though you may need to read the instructions to keep that true. The 360-degree swivel helps to keep the Aquabot X4’s cleaning unsupervised. It’s also hard not to appreciate a standard 3-year warranty with this robotic cleaners hefty size.


All robotic pool cleaners are not created equal and the Aquabot X4 does a decent job letting you know that. It’s unique wheeled design and hefty weight belie a machine that’s capable of getting the job done with the best. At least in its price range this machine’s performance, mobility, and filter are something to be marveled at. You can’t expect it to do everything right though and it’s going to be a workout to use. The value is totally there if you aren’t looking for bells and whistles thanks to the Aquabot X4’s impressive versatility and simplicity.

Aquabot X4 Pool Cleaner Manual

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Aquabot X4 Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

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