Babysense Video Baby Monitor Review

Parents who have babies know all too well how hard it can be to fall asleep while worried about your little one. One of the best ways to monitor your child while they sleep is to install a baby monitor. These tiny devices have been popular for years now and can wirelessly connect you to your baby’s room. Here is one of them: Babysense Video Baby Monitor.

  • Lullabies
  • Clear LCD Screen For Viewing Your Baby
  • Multi-camera Set-up For Multiple Babies
  • Connection Issues
  • Low Durability

Babysense Video Baby Monitor Features

The Babysense monitor comes with a variety of features that make looking out for your little one easy. Instead of just being a normal voice monitor though, it even has a built-in camera and a 2.4 inch LCD screen. This gives us the ability to see our babies instead f just hearing them, helping us know that they are sleeping soundly. The monitor even reaches up to 900 feet so that any size house or even outdoor work can be accommodated.


The monitor, as mentioned above, comes with an LCD screen that can clearly display a picture of your baby. The parent monitor functions like a normal baby monitor with a screen added on. The baby unit, however, looks more like a camera with a microphone and speaker. If you have more than one child, then you will be delighted to know that you can make a multi-unit system. There is even an easy to press button that will let you talk to your baby. Best of all, the camera is also equipped with a useful zoom feature and a night vision mode so that you can monitor your child even in the dark.

This monitor has been noted to break easily, especially if it’s not cared for. When using the monitor, make sure not to put it near water or place it down too forcefully. Your monitor will last longer with gentle placement. If you are cleaning, try to sit the monitor somewhere that you won’t bump into it.


One of my personal favorites features is the lullaby mode. This mode will play soft music to your baby as they fall asleep. You can also set an alarm using your monitor to help remind you of feeding times when you get busy. The LED indicator light will flash if there is any noise coming from your baby’s room. This visual queue can help get your attention when your child has decided to try and be extra quiet. Another wonderful feature that I love is the fact you can monitor the temperature of your child’s room through the monitor. This way, if I notice things getting a bit to warm, I can simply turn on the AC. As a bonus, the parent unit also has a useful stand you can use by your bedside when you lay down for the night.

Finally, there is an Eco mode. This is a mode built-in to help save you power when your baby is sleeping peacefully. If the monitor doesn’t detect any movement or sound, the video screen will turn off. If your baby wakes up or makes noise, the screen will turn back on. There is one downside, however. Some monitors have trouble connecting and will beep endlessly until they find the baby unit. This can be frustrating if it happens during the night when you are trying to sleep.


While the baby unit plugs into the wall, the parent unit actually runs off of a battery. The parent unit uses a lithium-ion battery to keep you connected around your home. A single charge will keep the monitor going between six to eight hours. Simply unplug the unit when you have chores to do and plug it back in when you’re done. The unit can work both off the charged and while it is connected for interrupted monitoring.

Cost & Warranty

Babysense Video Baby Monitor costs around $60, which is honestly cheaper than most other baby monitors on the market. In my opinion, this monitor does pretty much everything you would need it to do and more. The only way it could get any better is if I could see my child using it while I was at work. You will get a one-year warranty with the device to cover any defects.


How does Babysense work?

This monitor works by outputting a wireless stream throughout your home. The parent monitor is able to pick up the stream and clearly display pictures and give you audio. The monitor does not require an internet connection to work in order to prevent hacking attempts.

Can we use Babysense for twins?

Yes, like mentioned above, you can connect several different camera units to your parent unit. In all, you can connect up to four units, so even if you have multiple babies, you will be covered.

How do I connect my Babysense video monitor?

Connecting this monitor is actually incredibly easy. Simply press the button located on the bottom of your parent unit, and it will search for the stream. If you add in a second camera, you may have to do this a few times to ensure that you can see both your babies.