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Best Hidden Security Cameras 2020

Food and shelter might be basic human necessities but they don’t mean much without the security a hidden security camera can provide. The sad truth is the world doesn’t always have your best interests at heart.  It’s important that you do what you can to protect yourself. Whether you are at home or at work it doesn’t hurt to take extra precautions. Making sure you are aware of your surroundings is often necessary. So whether you are trying to prevent a serious event that could cause irreparable damage, or just trying to make sure Susan doesn’t keep stealing your pens. Finding a nice hidden spy camera can save you a lot of heartache in the end.

As technology is constantly improving and criminals are getting more clever. High-quality hidden security cameras are an excellent way to stay a step ahead of those who mean you harm. We have gone through the trouble of researching the best-hidden cameras so you can rest easy wherever you need an extra eye. You don’t want a blurry picture or distorted sound to get in the way of catching any unwanted attention.


Things to look for in a hidden security camera before buying


There’s a multitude of things to keep in mind when considering what is the best spy camera for you. Perhaps the best thing is you don’t have to worry about finding an option within your price range. You can actually find hidden security cameras starting at around $30. Of course, the features will scale as you go higher. The next most important thing will be finding a solid resolution.  If you can’t see anything, it kind of defeats the purpose. You definitely don’t want to dip lower than 480p. Going beyond that even those with the best vision will find things hard to identify.

Best Hidden Security Cameras 2020If you can get 1080p at least your visuals should be crystal clear. Reaching higher numbers will give you even more definition when you zoom in. Right next to the resolution you will want a wide viewing angle to see everything you are looking for. From fish-eye lenses to downward viewing angles knowing what you’ll want to see is important. All of the best spy cameras will give you at least 60 degrees of vision.

Battery life should be the next thing on your mind though depending on the design you choose that might not be an issue. Some hidden spy cameras will be so small fitting the battery life into your needs without a revealing cord can be an issue. On the other hand, there’s a variety of high quality hidden security cameras that can last a long time without a cord. Next to the battery life, you will want to check out the record time because there’s nothing worse than missing the crucial point because you ran out of space. Often buying a WiFi spy camera will help circumvent this issue by giving you a lot more space with uploading directly to your home system.

Finally, you’ll want to consider the design and features that come with your hidden camera. The design will often play a huge part in determining everything else so it’s best considered last in this case. Especially considering this will vary on each model. As far as features go night vision is always worth looking out for. Night vision is a fairly common capability though different models will differ on the depth of vision they allow at night. You can also come across infrared lenses, magnets, motion detection, and other less common features as well. There’s a lot to keep in mind, but thankfully the best spy cameras like the ones you’ll find here manage to package everything together nicely.


Hidden Home Security Cameras


For most people, their most precious assets can be found at home along with some of their most familiar threats. With modern society often bringing a ton of people together at a time for parties or other types of social gathering it’s important to have a watchful eye around the house. The best spy camera can make sure you have all your bases covered when it comes to keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. The two options we prefer to have in our homes combine an inconspicuous nature with an array of features. These will make it so that you can get the low down without anyone being the wiser.

HOSUKU Hidden Spy Camera Wireless WiFi Hidden Camera 1080P Clock

HOSUKU Hidden Spy Camera

While it may be a bit too large and conspicuous to sit on any desk depending on your company standing you shouldn’t have too much of an issue fitting this sleek clock into whichever room you need to conscript it for duty. It may not be stylish but its smooth lines and simplicity should help it effortlessly blend into its surroundings as just a convenient way to tell time. With a price tag of around $60, you don’t have to break the bank to see what you need to see.

Sitting behind a transparent glass panel the camera inside is capable of taking 1080p HD video which will give you solid clarity even when viewing at a distance. Choose between 640, 720, and 1080p recording options. While the clarity is great you will want to be precise with how you angle the clock as it is only capable of 90 degrees of vision.

With its quite capable WiFi capabilities that allow you to monitor the visuals live from the included app. Whether you are looking out for nosy intruders, checking in on the pets, or making sure your elders are ok you can keep steady surveillance and this carries over to the battery life. Thanks to the design plugging this camera into the wall shouldn’t be an issue for consistent power. A USB charger is included however when you can’t keep it plugged in. The ability to plug into the wall also helps to give this camera the ability to record indefinitely as long as you have space and power supply.

9.8Expert Score
HOSUKU Hidden Spy Camera

This hidden spy camera does an excellent job putting a ton into a small package with an impressive list of features that lie beneath the surface. You can rest easy at night with its night vision capabilities along with 12 infrared lights to help you see everything without anyone being the wiser. Overall these combine to give you about 5 meters of depth in your night vision while still being comfortable enough on the eyes for you to sleep through. You can hear as well as see the video though don’t expect the quality you’d need to pick up the slightest whispers. A 4x zoom ability goes well with the high resolution so you can spot out all the important details. Simply fitting into most rooms with its handheld size this hidden spy camera effectively serves multiple purposes.

  • It can tell time
  • Small lightweight and fits easily into a variety of areas thanks to simplicity and functionality
  • Solid features like night vision and motion detection
  • Potentially limitless recording time
  • Not exactly the most portable spy camera
  • Can be conspicuous as a seemingly featureless clock
  • Requires plugin for consistent recording

Light Camera Security 1080p WiFi Smart Spy Bulb Camera

Light Spy Bulb Camera

Another option that combines terrific functionality with ingenuity this hidden spy camera is for those who want to outsmart even those who think outside of the box. It’s common knowledge that people hardly ever look up so what better way to keep an eye out on the unaware than a camera that also doubles as a light bulb. There aren’t many more inventive ways to keep track of your area than this model that even James Bond would have some trouble with. The price isn’t half bad either hovering around $50 it might not even be the priciest fixture in your house. Backing up the affordable price you can also see video at a 1080p resolution giving you excellent quality for a small camera that can simply screw into any standard light bulb socket.

Thanks to this operating system you won’t have to worry about battery life for this camera. As long as the light is on the camera is on as well. Setup is extraordinarily easy as you just need to screw it in and give it WiFi access through your phone. You can store enough footage to cover a 64 GB memory card though that is the maximum size that it will work with. Thankfully this camera is also equipped with WiFi capabilities so you can connect to your network and stream straight to the app which you can install on your computer or phone.

One negative depending on how you look at it is this camera’s lack of night vision capabilities, however, since the camera is only in operation when the light is on that isn’t much of an issue. It could come to be a bit of a problem though if you need to keep tabs on visitors during the day without seeming suspicious for running up your light bill.

9.6Expert Score
Light Security Spy Bulb Camera

Perhaps the most prized feature beyond this camera's native design is its 360-degree fish-eye viewing angle which it achieves from its overhead position. This panoramic view allows you to see everything in the area with zero blind spots. You’ll also likely enjoy the motion detection feature which coupled with push-button alerts makes for a great way to monitor your home from your phone when you're out of the house. As far as finding the best-hidden camera that nearly everyone will have a hard time trying to deduce you can’t do much better than one that's required to see.

  • Incredibly inconspicuous with a small design that will be completely out of sight for most passersby
  • Easy Setup
  • WiFi and stream capabilities
  • 360 degree fish-eye panoramic footage
  • Only operational when the light switch its connected to is on
  • No night vision

Hidden Spy Camera WiFi Photo Frame 1080p Home Security Camera

Photo Frame Security Camera

For those who want style, functionality, and versatility all in one package on their search for the best-hidden camera you don’t have to go any further than grabbing one of these photo frames. While it might be a bit eye-catching no one will expect a photo frame to be watching them. Outside of cartoons portraits aren’t commonly found staring at you. This spy camera goes beyond the expected to fit nicely into keeping tabs around your office. The first thing you’ll notice is the fashionable design made out of high-quality materials. This helps it easily pass off as a traditional photo frame. This also helps contribute to a price point that might make it a bit steep of purchase. Though in comparison to simpler hidden security cameras. With a price of around $120, you will need to spend significantly more in comparison to other cameras with lesser features.

The resolution tops out at a brilliant 1920 x 1080p for full HD visuals. As clear as the visuals are however what really makes this model shine is its insane battery life. With an ability to stay on for up to 365 days without being plugged into any power source. The standby mode gives it extraordinary longevity when it comes to an inconspicuous camera. When it comes to lasting so long without sitting on a charger this feature alone can make it worth it.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the viewing angle comes as a bit of a gift and a curse. While it isn’t too hard to find a proper viewing angle with its 15-degree downward angle viewing lens. The real issue comes in only being able to see a 65-degree range. This will limit your options when it comes to seeing everything it shouldn’t be much of an issue in general. With its ability to last for a full year you can make use of multiple options for your recording time. Store up to 128 GBs of footage by attaching an SD card or stream and record directly from the app.

9.5Expert Score
AREBI Spy Camera

Another thing that keeps this camera competing for the best-hidden camera is its impressive night vision capabilities. The Starlight Night Vision feature allows you to see footage in the dark with remarkable definition. With a bit of help from the motion detection feature, you can set alarms to trigger when needed. It even saves 10-60 second clips of whatever tripped it off. It may be pricey but you can’t knock the abilities of this hidden spy camera.

  • Fits fashionably into a variety of locations
  • Capable of operating 365 days without charging
  • Starlight Night Vision
  • Multifunctional
  • Price could be considered steep
  • Limited viewing angle

Hidden Security Cameras for Business

When it comes to staying safe around the office it can often be tougher than keeping things smooth at home. It’s always a bit easier to trust your own family more than strangers. Even if you know they aren’t to be trusted at least you’re aware of their tricks. However, when it comes to figuring out who you might need to worry about at work. It never hurts to take a few extra steps to make sure everyone is keeping it one hundred percent. It might not even be used for protecting your office supplies from lurking thieves. You can also monitor productivity and much more with a solid hidden spy camera. Grabbing one of these options will do quite well for making sure you have the best-hidden camera for you.

AREBI Spy Camera Wireless Hidden WiFi Mini Camera HD

AREBI Hidden HD Mini Camera

Taking a step away from the creative to your classic functional spy camera with a low profile.  This model from AREBI combines an impressive array of features to make for a solid go-to. Especially when you’re looking for a small camera that you can hide someplace. You will have to be a bit creative in deciding where to put it.  Even though it’s small, a camera the size of two quarters can stick out. Speaking of sticking out this camera is very affordable at around $40. You won’t be able to find many options for less. As long as it fits what you need the value is exactly what you’d like to see.

When it comes to the footage you shouldn’t be too disappointed with a 1080p resolution that will keep your visuals crystal clear. The viewing angle is another nice addition for this value-packed camera reaching out to 150 degrees. The battery life might be an issue however depending on how you plan to use the camera. Its base rechargeable battery is capable of recording footage for an hour before it goes dead. You do have other options though as attaching a 10000 mAh battery park will allow you to record for us to 30 hours. Finally plugging it into a USB charge will allow it to record continuously.

With WiFi connectivity, you can stream the footage to the app. You can also use up to a 128 GB SD card to save footage. It functions as a normal camera when not connected. This allows you to use it for non-surveillance activities like catching footage of a child’s precious moments. This model is also pretty resourceful as one app can watch multiple cameras.  One camera can also be viewed by multiple apps allowing you to use multiple setups for total coverage. It also comes with a normal USB cord as you’d expect. Another one with a rigid structure that can be used to stand up the camera is also included.

9.5Expert Score
AREBI Spy Camera

Continuing down the features motion activation allows you to monitor specific areas even at specific times. With a little setup, you can use push alerts to let you know if anything is out of place. Night vision is another feature you can find with infrared no glow lights to continue to take footage in low light settings. This hidden security camera can reach night vision depths of 5 meters. This camera is also magnetic which might open up some more placement possibilities. It might take some clever positioning but, this hidden spy camera covers just about everything you should need to keep tabs of your work environment.

  • The small size makes for versatile positioning
  • Clear video with night vision
  • Very Affordable
  • Works in dynamic setups
  • Short base battery life
  • No natural camouflage

All of these models can be used for home or office though they fit a bit better into specific categories. It’s mostly up to you to decide on a clever place to position your camera. Though we can offer some suggestions. It might be hard to install light bulbs at your place of business though. A tiny circular camera also might entice your pets a bit too much.


How can you hide a hidden camera?

There are many ways to hide a hidden camera though picking one with great natural camouflage is the best choice. Beyond that look for areas outside of natural eyesight. You could also try placing them behind a one-sided transparent screen or in a stuffed animal with glass eyes. You can also try hiding in plain sight by placing your camera among similarly shaped or colored objects.  Dummy objects that look similar are effective you’ll want to try to place them where they won’t be touched. Here are some common places to hide hidden cameras. DVD cases, Desk Plants, Tissue Boxes, Books, Air Filter Equipment, Smoke Detectors.  Holes on doors, the roof of a house, the doorbell, electric outlets, cushions, shelves, and pens.

Do hidden cameras need WiFi?

Not necessarily. There are a variety of hidden security cameras that function normally without WiFi. If you are looking to save or stream beyond an SD card you will want to invest in WiFi. That will allow you to stream through the apps that commonly come along with hidden spy cameras.

Is there a way to find hidden cameras?

Outside of being clever enough to spot them on sight, hidden cameras can be surprisingly difficult to detect. Checking out all the locations listed above is a solid place to start. Turn off the lights to look for lights as red blinking lights are often a signal. Make a phone call or download an app on your phone to check for signal interference. Buying a professional RF signal detector is a surefire way to make sure no hidden cameras are nearby. A flashlight is another great tool that can be used to spot reflective surfaces in the dark.