Bissell PowerFresh Lift-Off Pet Steam Mop Review

There are millions of pets living in homes all over the world. While pets can be an excellent addition to your family, they also don’t come without there own problems. Almost every pet will shed year-round, and others will have accidents big and small throughout your home. It’s only natural that you would want to buy a mop able to clean up pet messes.

  • Thirteen tools to helps ensure a perfect clean
  • Thirty-day product guarantee
  • Fragrance pads help to replace lingering pet odors
  • Long cord
  • Does not always remove dirt in dimples
  • Bristles of the grout brush mashed down after one use

Product Features

The Bissell mop cleans up after your pet. Where other mops may fail to pick up all the hair, the Bissell Powerfresh goes above and beyond to keep your floors clean. It even tackles hard to clean messes.


In addition, the mop is made from metal and hard plastics, to protect against bumps and scrapes. The mop has a power rating of 1500 watts and can hold enough water to clean over 1000 square feet of floor. The heater only takes a mere thirty seconds to completely heat-up a full tank of water.


The Steamer comes with several different modes and accessories to help you clean all your pet messes. The mop comes with thirteen different tools to help you clean even the smallest of spaces. The Tools you will receive are as followed a Fabric Steamer, Bristle Tools, Angle Concentrator Tool, Grout Tool, On-Board Tool Kit, Wall Mount, Flat Surface Tool, Red Bristle Scrub Brush, and a Clothing Steamer Tool. Each of these tools can are for different types of messes.

The model will also let you choose between a low or high output of steam. In addition, the model is compatible with scent discs. These discs will replace the removed pet scent with a fragrance of your choice. The model has a 25-foot range to give you the freedom to move about your house with ease. The product can transform into a mobile product in order to clean off the floor areas.


Bissell PowerFresh Lift-Off Pet Steam MopThe mop has a cleaning width of around 8-inches at the pad’s thickest point. The model is also ultra-lightweight to make cleaning for long periods of time easy. Even with all the special cleaning gear, the mop only weighs eight pounds. The water tank has a capacity of 13.5 ounces, and as mentioned about the mop can easily clean over 1,000 square feet in one go. Like with all steam mops, avoid using cleaner in the tank. Using tank cleaners can be dangerous as the chemicals will be turned into steam.

The mop also has a smalls amount of swivel that can easily move around everyday obstacles. For tighter spaces, though, this may not be the cleaning object for you. The mop also works to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria without using chemicals that could be harmful to your pets. You can even use tap water inside of the tank for easy preparation. If you use up your cleaning pads, then extras can be purchased for around $10 a pair.

Price & Warranty

The Shark Steam mop does good for pets around the world and your home at the same time. Every purchase of a Shark pet mop means that a portion of the sales of the product will go to help pets in need. The product comes with a two-year limited warranty to help protect you from defects. The mop also has a thirty-day satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like the mop, simply contact the company to get a complete refund. The steam mop is usually priced at around $120.


How do you use the Bissell PowerFresh lift off steam mop?

To use the mop, you will need to fill the tank with water and securely place the piece back into the mop. You will then need to turn the mop on and wait thirty seconds until the water fully heats. You will need to make sure that the cleaning pad is attached and secure; afterwards, you can begin mopping. Check the pad regularly to ensure that it hasn’t turned black during cleaning. If a pad becomes too dirty you will begin to see streaking as you mop.

How do I fix my Bissell steam mop?

While some issues like a dirty tank can be easily fixed, for more complex problems, you will need to contact Bissell directly. If you’re still within the warranty period, however, then shipping off and having your mop repaired will be free.

Can The Bissell steam mop be used on carpet?

The mop can be used on rugs if you use the carpet glider accessory that comes included with your purchase. Remember to not add any carpet cleaners into the tank. Likewise, for more delicate rugs you should double-check the cleaning requirements before use.

Bissell PowerFresh Lift-Off Pet Steam Mop Manual

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8.4 Total Score
OK for Animal Owners

The Bissell Steam Mop is perfect for homes with animals. The multiple attachments will make everything from cleaning pet bowls to cleaning your floor a breeze. Also, keep the thirty-day trial in mind if your own the fence about steam mops and want to try one out before completely committing.

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