Bounty Program


What is Bounty Program?

Bounty program – event for rewarding users for actions that popularise EXPERTOO.NET – content-making and posting videos, articles, posts on social networks, blogging platforms and other actions that will lead users to the project.
The bounty program started on February 1, 2019 and will continue until a special announcement by the project administration. The user can earn from both the bounty program and commission.
All details will be displayed on user’s Balance page.

How it works

You share a referral link or send an invitation to your friends who, in your opinion, can make a good review. Your friends register on the project. Publish their reviews. You are credited with a reward.
– After a person, invited by you, publishes the first review, you get 10$
– After a person, invited by you, withdraws the first payment, you will get 20$

Invite your friends and earn money!