Chamberlain B970 Garage Door Opener Review

When shopping for a strong and reliable garage door opener it isn’t a surprise to see many choose the Chamberlain B970. With solid attention to the current features of the marketplace this garage door opener is built to please. Close inspection will see its clear Chamberlain did their due diligence to create quite the competitive garage door opener. It does, however, miss the mark in a few places. There’s are other things to keep in mind as well to make sure its the right purchase for you. Though if you’re looking for something quick few will find the B970 disappointing.

  • Durable design with a great warranty
  • Extensive smart home capabilities
  • Just about every feature garage openers might provide
  • Just about every feature garage openers might provide
  • Quiet belt-driven operation
  • Relatively high price for a belt-driven garage door opener
  • Extra horsepower works best for heavy doors


With a steel-reinforced belt, this garage door opener gives you a super quiet operation along with great durability. Blue motor housing has two huge security lights on each side granting excellent light coverage. Diagonal venting also helps to give this garage door opener a unique visual edge. The combination of high-grade materials and simplistic operation makes this a reliable option with more visual appeal than is typically seen.


The Chamberlain B970 is found for around $270 fitting it towards the upper middle of prices for garage door openers. This isn’t much of an issue though thanks to the considerable value this model can provide. While it might seem a bit much to pay for a belt-driven garage door the quiet operation and list of features make it pretty reasonable. For comparison, you could be paying a hundred more for a solid jackshaft. A less quiet chain drive might be found for around $200 on the high end.

Power Source/Battery

Like most garage door openers the Chamberlain B970 will use your house’s power for operation. This operation will continue even when your power goes out thanks to a battery backup system. By charging itself whenever it is not in operation you will pretty much always have garage door operation when the power goes out. This garage door opener is also very power efficient thanks to the use of a DC motor instead of AC. Chamberlain made sure that this model’s power features were top of the line.


The Chamberlain B970 is quite impressive when it comes to its lifting power. A motor with 1-¼ horsepower makes it pretty powerful for a garage door. This will allow it to lift most sizes of garage doors easily. This makes it a solid choice for wooden or heavier garage doors. On the other end, you might have too much power for a super-light door. It could be worth it to add some extra weight to your door with insulation to take advantage of its considerable power.  The extra strength will help out in inclement weather situations as well.

Smart Phone Control

One of the most enjoyable features of the Chamberlain B970 is its extensive smartphone control system. The MYQ connectivity allows you to easily control your garage door from a distance with the touch of your phone. You can configure it to receive alerts when your garage door opens or closes for added security. Another feature allows you to schedule when you want your door to close. You can even turn the lights on and off from your phone. Syncing up with Android, iPhone and many other smart devices is possible. Built-in WiFi integration will allow you to connect to any local network. You don’t have to worry about hacking though thanks to its own counterbalance system. There aren’t too many garage door openers out there with more smart features than the Chamberlain B970

Other Features of Chamberlain B970

The standard essentials accompany the purchase of a Chamberlain B970 garage door opener. The safety sensor kit will allow you to set up the start and stop system at the base of your door. Along with that important safety feature, two 3-button visor garage door remotes keep everything convenient. A wireless keypad also helps with that particular purpose. Security encryption prevents hacking while wireless use allows you to minimize electric connections. Motion detection also helps with safety and vision at night. TriBand technology gives your remote incredible range to 1,500 feet for opening on arrival.


The Chamberlain B970 has a three-part warranty. You will get a lifetime warranty on the belt. The motor also has a lifetime warranty included. Finally, the parts have a 5-year warranty. With not too many parts to worry about and relatively low maintenance that’s a pretty nice package. This high-end belt-driven garage door opener certainly has the warranty to match

Chamberlain B970 Review Conclusion

No one’s going to fault you for deciding to buy a Chamberlain B970 for your garage door opener. It doesn’t miss in many areas with its quiet and appealing design. Smartphone capabilities and WiFi integration also add considerable value. While it might push the budget for a belt-drive garage door opener it makes sense. The quality is apparent along with easy installation for a pretty complete package. If you can afford it and you have space its hard to see many issues in your garage doors future. It’s one of the best model on the market.

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Chamberlain B970 Garage Door Opener

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