Chips Ultra – Wireless Helmet Audio Review

For a long time, the idea of using a headset while enjoying extremely active activities was nearly impossible. However, with the invention of Bluetooth and products like the Chips Ultra Wireless Helmet a whole new world has arrived. Providing terrific increases to safety, entertainment, and communication the Chips Ultra could revolutionize your activities.

Advertised for snow skiing, the Chips Ultra Wireless Helmet is good for a variety of uses. Whether you want to attach it to your motorcycle helmet or go skydiving with some tunes. All the benefits are pretty clear to see but we seek to peek under Outdoor Tech Chips surface and see if it really adds up.

Chips Ultra - Wireless Helmet Audio Review
  • Stellar sound quality
  • Convenient communication and music on the go
  • Good for a variety of uses
  • Very few higher-quality options available
  • Single-button controls take time to memorize
  • Could have security issues

Chips Ultra Wireless Helmet Audio Features

What to Expect

Chips Ultra - Helmet Audio ReviewThe best motorcycle Bluetooth helmet speakers are capable of numerous tasks and the Outdoor Tech Chips version fits the bill well. They are a truly wireless solution without any cords at all. You can just simply turn them on and slip the speakers into the audio pockets of your helmet. These headphones look like small 12 sided speakers that can be activated at the touch of a button. A large button slightly larger than a thumb allows you to easily activate and deactivate the speakers in unique situations.

This button also makes these speakers pretty glove-friendly which is great when that follows helmet worthy tasks. They also come in a strong carrying case that can slip into your pocket or bag during transportation.

Long-Lasting Durable Technology

While Bluetooth is extremely useful it’s also useless without the power to make it work. Luckily, the battery life of the Chips Ultra Wireless Helmet Audio allows it to keep working for up to 16 hours. This is expected at medium volume, the high volume will decrease the efficiency a bit. At full blast a playing time closer to 12 hours is likely.

With powerful 40mm drivers, you can also expect terrific sound quality. The neodymium magnets allow for excellent sound control so you can hear all the notes. With a frequency range of 20Hz to 20,000KHz pretty much every bit of the sound spectrum is covered across many decibels. After you have run down the battery it will only take about 2 hours to get right back up to full. As a class 2 Bluetooth device, you can expect to function for up to 33 feet.

Simple Easy to Use Controls

Wireless Helmet AudioEvery function of the speaker works by simply tapping on the button on either side. For example, while listening to music one tap on the right will play or pause. Tapping the right button twice and three times can cause you to skip forward or backward a track respectively. The controls function similarly for phone calls. One tap on the right will answer a call while a long hold will enable voice activation.

This voice activation allows you to call on Siri or any other digital assistant linked with your main Bluetooth device. The built-in microphone allows you to interact with your calls or digital assistant. These speakers are even IPX5 water-resistant so they can handle the elements pretty well.

Chips Ultra Review Conclusion

If you are in the market for a nice set of speakers to match your more extreme activities you can’t miss here. While you can always figure out your own option the quality of these speakers makes them pretty reliable. A 1-year warranty helps out a bit especially if you hit the slope or ride your motorcycle often. Even though Bluetooth can open you up to certain malicious activities these speakers are one of the best options around.


Can you add Bluetooth to any helmet?

Yes, it is possible to add Bluetooth to nearly any helmet. The process isn’t too difficult and can be accomplished with little skill.

How do you install speakers on a helmet?

In order to install Bluetooth speakers on a helmet, the first thing you are going to need is a Bluetooth receiver. You will need to put it somewhere on your helmet so keep size in mind. You will also need stereo quality headphones. You are going to have to disassemble them next so keep that in mind as well when you are figuring out how much to spend. After you disassemble your headphones place the speakers in your helmet.

The next step is to glue a small metal plate to your helmet where you want to put the receiver. Glue some magnets on the back of the receiver and you are ready to go. Turn up your Bluetooth enabled music device and you can recharge the receiver whenever you need it.

Do Bluetooth helmets play music?

Yes, you can find many Bluetooth motorcycle helmets that are capable of streaming music. Along with GPS connection and easy communication Bluetooth helmets have become extremely popular.