Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

If you are looking for an amazing and versatile robotic pool cleaner that can do everything you need it to do just buy it. Dolphin has done a great job to take their 35 years of pool cleaning knowledge to create this multifaceted cleaner. It’s the details that matter though and it is important to appreciate what makes this robotic pool cleaner so special.

With a price tag over $1000, a certain level is expected to be even worth a look. The Dolphin Premier robotic pool cleaner makes an admirable effort to bring everything you could need to your pool cleaning experience.

Dolphin Premier
  • Cleans every pool surface with superior suction
  • Multiple devices for filtering debris
  • Very efficient twin-motor power system
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Top of the line expensive
  • Doesn’t clean out of water stairs
  • Poor instructions

Type of Filter

The filter mechanism is one of the main reasons to go with this model thanks to the wide range of options delivered. Instead of a single of even double filter setup like most models you can choose your own adventure. MultiMedia is a feature that allows you to decide between four types of media for your filtration preference. Switch between micro-cartridges, standard cartridges, oversized debris bags, and disposable debris bags at will. It is always nice to have options whether the storm was a party or an actual storm.


The Dolphin Premier pool cleaner makes use of a long power cord to retain its power like much of the competition. The 60-foot length puts it towards the higher end though its whats on the inside that really counts. With the help of twin motors, this robotic pool cleaner is one of the most energy-efficient on the market.

A micro-controller helps to make this pool cleaner exceed the efficiency of 90% of the competition. The use of DC motors over AC allows this cleaner to work with the power of magnets for incredible efficiency.


The look of the Dolphin Premier foregoes a bit of class for utility with its easy to grip handle. Simply lifting your machine out of the pool isn’t too much of an issue with a water release system. With a dry weight of 22 pounds though it will take some effort to lift and move around on its own. A tangle-free cord design helps to keep mobility easy while making it easy to store as well.


With its price and other features, you shouldn’t be surprised to find that this robotic pool cleaner excels at its main duty. With an extra-wide base and dual stabilizers, the Dolphin Premier is able to effectively navigate most pools.

The suction power is intense achieving up to 4,500 GPH reaching a level only met by other state of the art cleaners. Even though the motors are efficient they are still capable of putting out up to 3,000 RPM. All of this combines for a powerful machine that gets almost any job done.

Climbing Ability

The Dolphin Premier makes use of its HyperGrip rubber track to cling to surfaces. With an extra-wide surface and powerful rubber tracks, this cleaner can climb up most walls. By covering a large surface this machine can easily grip flat surfaces though it may struggle with some more rugged walls or protrusions. It relies on water to hold its pressure so don’t expect it to clean surfaces away from the water. Beyond climbing walls, the Dolphin Premier has waterline cleaning capabilities as well.

Cleaning Cycles

Just like how you choose to store your debris the Dolphin Premier lets you decide when you want to pick it up as well. The basic cleaning cycle that covers floors, walls, and the waterline will take 3 hours. That is right, what you would expect for a full-service job. You also get options for how often you want to clean with automated cleaning. Shuffle between daily, every other day, and every three-day procedures to suit your preference.

Deflecting Features and Sensors

Finding the way to go is not an issue when it comes to the Dolphin Premier with excellent pool mapping. Making use of SmartNav robotic scanning technology the Dolphin Premier takes an accurate snapshot for optimal cleaning. Its pattern creating technology can sense ladders and drains to efficiently get the job done. With help from its microprocessor, you can rely on this cleaner to intelligently navigate about its work.

Other Features

The features of this model come in pairs with dual everything to reach a high level of cleaning. Dual stabilizers help it navigate across nearly any surface. Dual motors help it efficiently save power and time. Then you have wide tracks and dual scrubbing brushes to make sure that every bit of debris gets picked up. The 360-degree tangle-free swivel cable also helps to make sure you don’t end up putting in any extra effort. The waterline cleaning should also be mentioned here as a unique addition.


There’s not much to be disappointed with when it comes to the Dolphin Premier robotic pool cleaner. A true multitool in the pool cleaning world this machine can efficiently get almost any size job done. The hefty price tag is the first thing that might make you want to look elsewhere. Another thing is though the wide treads hug most walls they don’t do well with especially textures walls. It cleans every part of your pool that touches the water just about as well as you could expect.


What are the ideal operating temperatures for a Dolphin cleaner?

Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are best used in temperatures between 43 and 93 degrees (6-33°C).

Can I use this cleaner in an in-ground pool?

Yes. The this Dolphin robotic pool cleaner is designed for the in-ground pool application.

Can I use Dolphin cleaners in hot tubs or ponds, etc.?

No, the Dolphin is not designed to clean hot tubs or ponds.

Dolphin Premier English Manual

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Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

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