Eufy Spaceview Baby Monitor Review

When shopping for a baby monitor that will help you look after your child while attending to your everyday tasks, most parents, like me, often purchase baby monitors that simply offer a speaker so you can listen in on your little one. For other parents, however, that just isn’t enough in making sure their baby is safe and secure. If you are looking for a monitor that not only helps you listen for your baby but also will help you keep a close eye through the use of a camera, look no further than the Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor.

Eufy Spaceview Baby Monitor
  • The mobile unit contains a clear 720p display for viewing your child 
  • The camera unit has the ability to switch to a night-vision mode for darker environments
  • The display unit has the ability to control viewing angles of the camera unit with ease
  • Flimsy Antena and delicate body
  • Dark colors don’t show up well

Eufy Babysense Video Baby Monitor Features

 This baby monitor is very advanced compared to other models on the market, featuring two completely unique units that give you the comfort of hearing your child through a two-way speaker.  You can also see them in real-time through the monitor’s camera and large display. The camera unit placed in your baby’s room can capture high-quality video and can even view at a wide-angle to give you a crystal clear view of anything going on in your child’s room. The mobile parent unit offers a display for viewing your baby at any time, and with the attached antenna and buttons for moving the view of the camera. You can see your child and anything that happens in their room with near-perfect connectivity.


Eufy Baby Monitor ReviewThe camera unit can mount to any surface such as a wall, ceiling, and even your baby’s crib. It can even be placed on a flat surface to meet any room’s orientation. Included with the camera are a standard 55-degree angle lens and an attachable 110-degree wide view angle lens. With either attached, can allow you to pan or tilt the camera using the mobile unit to view a 330-degree pan angle and up to a 110-degree tilt angle. The display unit has a large 5” display with a 720p screen with a menu button and directional arrow buttons. This is great for navigating both the menu and panning and tilting the view of the camera unit. 

On the back of the display is a small antenna and fold-out stand for propping up on a flat surface. This is great for easy viewing in case your hands are occupied working around the house. Both units can maintain a secure connection at a distance of up to 460 feet, perfect for keeping watch of your little one no matter where you are in or around your home. Be warned though this is a delicate model and the attend feels like it can easily be broken to me.


 With the included lenses, you can either use the standard lens to focus solely on the position of your child. You can also get a greater view of the room with a wide-angle lens. No matter which lens is used, the two-way speaker and microphone built-in can deliver you proper sound to alert you if your baby is crying or sound asleep. The monitor can even help me in soothing them by speaking directly into the display unit. For when it gets dark outside, the camera can switch to a night-vision mode, which can be a great help if you ever need to check on your child during the night without disturbing their sleep. 


The Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor comes with both an A/C adapter for the camera unit for plugging directly into any nearby wall outlet. It also has a convenient micro USB cable for recharging the mobile display unit. The mobile unit can last upwards of 15 hours on a fully charged battery.

Cost & Warranty

 This particular model of the Eufy line of baby monitors has a bit of a higher retail price than other monitors.  It usually floats around $150. It is available for sale on both the official Eufy website as well as major online retailers such as Amazon or eBay. These sites may have varying prices. Compared to other brands and models similar to this monitor, the Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor may be a bit barebones for its price. If you are a parent looking for more accessible features music playback you may want to skip this unit. The baby monitor is covered by a 12-month manufacturer warranty that can cover any defective units.

Eufy Spaceview Baby Monitor


Why is the Eufy Baby Monitor Screen Not Working?

Make sure that the unit has been properly charged with the included micro USB cable. Then attempt to turn the unit on via the power button. Also, make sure that the camera unit is plugged in and synced with the parent unit. If the image is displaying only in black and white, make sure the night-vision mode is turned off.

Can You Flip the Image with the Eufy Baby Monitor?

Because of the screen orientation on the display unit, stand placement, and button layout. The screen is only viewable from a single angle and cannot be flipped.