Can I be behind the camera?

No, in some parts of the video review you must be in the frame.
The idea of ​​our project is that reviews are made not by “professional” reviewers, but by real users of the product. People who bought it for themselves and enjoyed it. People would want to understand whose opinion they are listening to, so we ask you to “introduce yourself” to the audience, show yourself and tell a little about you in the context of using the product.

Can I not unboxing the product on video?

We only publish reviews of real users of products, and we and your viewers want to be sure that you bought a new product and started using it, besides product packaging is often an important component, so we ask you to also film the unpacking process.

Can I upload only one video file?

We believe that the review should consist of two important blocks – the first is unpacking, assembling and first impressions of the product, the second is the result of using the product for some time (usually 5-15 days). Only full reviews consisting of all the necessary parts can be published.

How can I be sure that my review will be published?

Firstly, the product itself should be suitable for review, it should be interesting to see (you should not review paper towels for the kitchen), the product should not be primitive and, preferably (but not necessarily), so that it is a novelty. Secondly, what you tell in the review should be written and shoot well and should give an idea of ​​the product and must be helpful to those who will watch or read your review. You can always pre-ask us if a certain product is suitable or not, before starting to make a review.
After you upload a review, in case it doesn’t fit, our moderators will be able to tell you what to fix so that they publish it, if possible.


How do I get the money?

Now you can get them to your PayPal. In the future, we will try to add additional ways to withdraw your money earned.

What is the minimum amount I can withdraw?

Now the minimum amount for withdrawal is $50

I or my friends will make purchases on Amazon and you will see what we bought?

We do not receive personalized data from vendors, so we do not know who exactly and what exactly bought.

Will I get a commission from my purchases?

We do not have the tools to find out exactly who bought the particular product. You get a commission on all sales made after following the link from your review.

Bounty program

Will I receive $ 10 each time when the reviewer invited by me will publish a new review and $ 20 when he will order a withdrawal?

No, you will receive once $ 10 and once $ 20 (in the amount of $ 30) for each invited user for the current bounty program. The EXPERTOO team reserves the right to change, add or cancel the bounty program at any time by posting new conditions on expertoo.net.

Can I invite myself?

No, this is prohibited. You can deceive us and invite yourself, but there is no point: if you don’t make a review, no money will be credited to you, if you make a review on behalf of different people, the moderators will see the same person and all your accounts except for the first one will be banned.

Let’s be honest and useful service together, we on our end, will do everything that depends on us so that you earn good money without such tricks.

Still have questions?
Feel free to contact us.