How to Get Drawing Ideas

Drawing is one of the most creative things in the world so how could you ever have a problem thinking of what to draw? It seems like a crazy question and while drawer’s block might not get as much publicity as writer’s it’s certainly still a thing.

Luckily, it’s much simpler to solve with plenty of easy solutions for getting your pen moving. Creativity is a muscle just like all the others and figuring out the right tools to flex it is all you really need to become a mental powerhouse. 

Try Flipping a Category on its Head

Taking something mundane and putting a clever twist on it is never a bad place to start. For example, if you like cats try putting them in a place that you would never expect. How about you take your favorite cats except now their whiskers are as large and lavish as possible.

Then you take your fat of choice and give it the look of a superhero. How does cat spiderman matchup against cat batman? The possibilities are limitless when you add a factor whether it be time, scenario, scene, features, or anything else.

Give Yourself a Prompt

This is an easy solution that you don’t even have to do yourself. You can find a variety of websites on the internet that will offer up creative prompts. With a simple search, you can have plenty of options right in front of you. Some examples are “Draw a sports stadium on another planet”. “Draw your worst nightmare in the funniest way possible”. “Draw a group of dogs playing a game of poker”.

Give Yourself Restrictions

A great way to get practice while you aren’t sure what to draw is to add restrictions for a challenge. For example, try drawing something 30 times while only making a slight alteration each time.

Setting a simple rule can help you break outside of the box with a creative idea. Try drawing things that begin with a certain letter or attempt to draw fifteen of the same object as small as possible. Giving yourself a few rules is an easy way to get going until you get a good idea.

Check out Your Surroundings

No matter where you are, there’s always something to draw somewhere around you. Whether you want to draw that chair in the corner as it is or add fangs and a cloak to see how it would look like a vampire.

Taking a quick look around is always a solid option for drawing ideas. You can try to draw objects in motion or choose something still. Drawing from your surroundings is an easy way to develop your technique.

Start with the Movement

Sometimes the act of putting pen to pad or drawing tablet is half the battle. From there practicing different motions is never a bad place to start. Making simple doodles can often lead to inspiration. Your lines can become shapes are your scribbles become creatures, and before you know it a whole scene has appeared.

Doodling in a non-judgemental way can be helpful. You could also move into quick gesture works to improve your speed drawing. Setting a timer and throwing a few gestures together to perfect a certain image is always a fun way to improve.


What can I draw when I’m bored?

There are many terrific options to sharpen your skills and creativity. Drawing an eyelid is always an experience. From the lashes to the definition of the pupil and striations of the cornea there’s plenty to perfect. Meaningless doodles are always good for a few minutes. The perfectionist could always take an attempt at creatures like the butterfly and the peacock. Try building your dreamland whether that be a house, vehicle, or an entire world.

What should a beginner draw?

A good way to begin is to start with straight lines and circles. You will notice that drawing perfect versions will be near impossible. However, if you use smaller lines to add up to bigger objects it becomes easier. You can then use a more defined lining to fill in the blanks. Adding creativity to your lines and adding additional shapes can create amazing art before you even realize it with a bit of talent.

Is it bad to draw from reference?

Drawing from reference isn’t necessarily bad but it is frowned upon for a variety of reasons. First, drawing from a reference can help your technique a bit but overall will limit your creativity.  This makes drawing from reference a solid way to find inspiration but a poor way to improve your skill.  The best way to use a reference is to keep it in the back of your mind as a study tool that you can later use to draw from memory.