How to Mount a TV on the Wall


Most people have dreamed of the possibility of mounting their TV on the wall, even if they don’t have a wall large enough for mounting. However if you are within the realm of possibility then knowing how to install a TV wall mount is absolutely necessary. You don’t want to end up wasting all of that money you spent on your TV because it was improperly mounted and is now broken into thousands of pieces on the floor.

Thankfully a TV wall mount setup isn’t too difficult. In this guide we will teach you everything you know you need to know about how to hang a TV on the wall. It’s very hard to find any peace of mind when you aren’t sure whether you took the proper steps.

Step 1: Choosing your wall mount

There are multiple options to choose from as far as a TV wall mount but we won’t get into their different uses too much here. These options are fixed, swivel, tilting, and full-motion TV wall mounts.

 Step 2: Deciding on your location and viewing height

Planning is key. Choose a place with easy access to power outlets or eventual connections to floor standing speakers and other setups. Consider using a shelf beneath the TV for storage and possibly hiding cords. Try to avoid direct sunlight and vibrations along with high traffic areas.

Make sure that your wall is load-bearing and capable of supporting at least four times the combined weight of your TV and mount.  Placing painters tape so the TV bottom is no higher than eye level while seated and the top is no higher than eye level when standing is generally considered optimal.

Step 3: Finding the studs

A stud finder is crucial for finding the studs in your wall. Hollow wall anchors are not very reliable. Using a stud finder to locate two studs for support of your TV is often required. Though some models will only require one stud. Mark these locations with a pencil and use a nail to confirm that a stud is there.

Step 4: Marking pilot holes

With a pencil mark the spots where the corner of the TV will be and then measure the distance between the mounting TV arms top and bottom poles. You can then line up the two points with the wall studs center along these holes. Using a level will help ensure a balanced setup.

Step 5: Positioning and drilling

Have somebody hold up the wall mount against the wall while using a level to make sure that it is even while checking your markings. After that is done use a drill to make your pilot holes in your markings along the studs.

Step 6: Placing the mount on the wall

Have your helper hold the mount against the wall over the drill pilot holes. Then use a drill to drive your mounting screws into the mount. Once again check to make sure it is leveled properly and if not you might want to restart.

Step 7: Attach the mounting plate to your TV

For this step you want to follow the manufacturer’s instructions that should be available for your TV and mounting plate.

Step 8: Mount your TV

This is another area where you will need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions that came along with your mount. Make sure you double-check your connection between the wall plate and the TV plate..


Where do I drill my TV wall mount?

For the majority of TV wall mounts you will need to find the areas where studs are in your walls for a reliable mounting process. You can use a stud finder to find these areas or consult your house’s floor plan. while some mounts can use special types of anchors to mount without studs.
You always want to find the studs near the area with the wall space if possible. Having some space to hide your cords underneath your TV is also something to keep in mind.

How many screws are needed for a TV wall mount?

A typical wall mount will require at least four screws to be considered stable.

Can you mount a 60-inch TV on drywall?

Yes, mounting a 60-inch TV on drywall is possible. However you absolutely want to make sure that you use studs for mounting. Just drywall alone no matter the anchor will not be a reliable mount.

Can you use drywall anchors to hang a TV?

Yes, if your wall doesn’t have any studs then using anchors is the only way to reliably mount certain sizes of TVs. you still need to research the limits of your wall but the proper toggles for hollow wall anchors can be a solution.

How can I hide my TV wires without cutting the wall?

A few Solutions you can use for hiding your TV wires without cutting the wall are using a TV stand that will cover up your cords for you. Camouflaging your TV cords and cables with home decorative items can also help, for example turning them into a tree with flowers. You can also try hiding your TV cords behind other objects which can be done with books and desk pieces.

One of the simplest solutions is to purchase a raceway to hide your cords and paint it the same color as your wall. Finally, using a wood frame covered in fabric can give you a solid base for your mount as well as a way to hide your cords.