How to Use Shark Steam Mop

A steam mop uses heat to heat up the water in a reservoir on the mop to about 250 degrees Fahrenheit. This is then channeled into the mop head, usually to a cleaning pad. Simple steam mops will only have a single jet for steam. More advanced models will have up to 15 different steam jets.

The heated water makes it much easier to remove dirt and grime from surfaces without an extensive amount of scrubbing. If you have ever had to scrub a dirty floor with a standard mop, then your no stranger to shoulder and back pain. A steam mop would be a good investment to lessen that ache.

Model differences

There are many different models of shark steam mops to ensure you have the perfect one for the job you need to be done. They differ in size and weight. Some are simple, and others have advanced features such as touch-free cleaning pad release and adjustments to steam controls. Models like the Shark Lift-Away S3973D Steam Mop has a detachable handheld steamer for getting hard to reach places. Even with all their differences, most work the same way. They plug into any home electrical outlet and use heat and steam to ensure you get the best clean.

Steam Mop Set up

Set up for steam mops is designed to be simple and easy. With any steam mop, it’s important that you prep the floor first. Any dirt or debris on the floor will unnecessarily dirty up your mop head, and the mop will be less effective, so do a once over of the floor with a broom first. Fill the water reservoir and plug the steam mop into a wall outlet to allow it to heat up. One important tip for using steam mops is to place the cleaning pad on the mop head before you plug the steam mop into the wall. These mops heat up very quickly, and you can potentially burn yourself if you let it heat up prior to putting on a cleaning pad.

Different floor types

An important thing to keep in mind is your floor type. Best steam mops can clean a wide variety of floors if used right. It is important that they are used right, though, so do your research before buying to ensure your steam mop can clean the floors you need it to.


On laminate floors, you want to use a dry steam mode as you clean, so ensure your model can do that. Water is the number one enemy of laminate floors, so steam mops are usually not recommended. To produce a dry steam, use as little water as possible and set the heat to maximum. Clean the floor in small sections. If you are going to use any cleaning liquids, make sure to apply them directly to the floor. Never put cleaning liquids into the water reservoir of your steam mop. This can damage your mop’s steam jets and can be dangerous to your health.


If you have hardwood floors, you will want to be very careful when cleaning with a steam mop. Most steam mops would even recommend you not use them on the hardwood, but shark steam mops can be used to get a good clean. The main areas to be careful of are high traffic areas where the wax on your hardwood floor will have worn down. Don’t use liquid cleaning chemicals on the floor with the steam mop since some of them can damage the wax coating on the floor. It’s best to use a high absorption mop pad, such as a microfiber. Use a steam mop that has delicate dusting settings on it to ensure you get a good clean without damaging the protective covering on the floor.


How to clean carpet with a steam mop

A surprising thing for steam mops is they can clean carpets. While vacuum cleaners are the best for cleaning up surface debris, a good steam mop can allow you to clean the deeper dirt and grime out of carpets. Steam mops can have special attachments made specifically to help clean tall, thick carpets. If you are working on getting a stain out, just ensure you soak the stain first then use a steam mop on it to pull it out.

Cleaning and maintenance

There isn’t a lot of maintenance involved with steam mops. The mop heads are usually dual-sided, so when one side gets too dirty, you can keep cleaning. These are usually replaceable, and it’s recommended to replace them every year or so. Make sure to wait till the steam mop has cooled before removing the cleaning pads. Before storing your steam mop after use, it’s important to ensure the reservoir is completely empty, and no moisture is on the mop head. If you leave a wet or damp mop head on the steam mop when you store it, it will cause mildew. Mildew will keep your mop from working properly and can clog up your steam jets.

Whether you have a small kitchen to mop or a house full of hardwood, there is a shark steam mop that would be perfect for you. Using one of these is more convenient than a regular mop and bucket, allows for a deeper clean, and takes up less space. It’s a perfect way to upgrade your household cleaning and avoid using hard chemicals.


Can you put cleaner in a shark steam mop?

You should never use cleaner in any steam mop. Cleaners can damage the inside of your steam mop and void any warranty it might have.

How long does it take for the shark steam mop to heat up?

Most Shark steam mops only take about 30 seconds to heat up before they are ready for use.

Can you use tap water in a shark steam mop?

While you can use tap water in a steam mop, it is recommended that you only use demineralized or distilled water. If you have tap water with a lot of mineral content, it can damage your steam mop over time.