The quantity and variety of goods in this day and age is so overwhelming that just making a simple purchase can be a nerve wracking decision especially when you look at the information available. As marketing evolves the average person is hammered with increasingly sophisticated methods that trick consumers into purchasing unnecessary products that waste your money and time. These wasted resources hurt the economy, they hurt the planet, and they hurt you.

Why Can We Solve This Problem?

Because we put the power in your hands to move people towards the things that are really worth your money thanks to true user reviews. You might be thinking you can find that anywhere but the truth is the reality of this situation is much worse.

Let’s look at the current state of things:

All the places where you can find feedback for any product you buy on Amazon can be divided into three groups.

Group One: The Seller or Amazon itself

These are the sellers who are extremely motivated to “work with the reviews” on the number of reviews and the product ratings. This leads to an exorbitant amount of “spam” pressure on the reviews under the product. Which is no way to find any balanced realistic feedback.

Group Two: The Little Guys or freelance specialists

These are often what you will find with small niche sites reviews. An enormous number of small sites are made by SEO(Search Engine Optimization) specialists. These copywriters write long SEO texts for minimal payment, often without even realizing what they are writing about. Some of these niche review sites are complete SEO spam.

Group Three: Professionals or salaried platform reviewers

This seems like it would be the best solution to find what you are looking for and some sites are actually legitimate. However for the majority of them you will find that when you look at how many reviews one author publishes you will often find three or more per day, or even the dates dismissed to hide their methods. Three per day is about 60 per month, these professional reviewers job is to write text on products daily. They did not buy the product for themselves and didn’t use it in their home!

How can you rely on an opinion like that?

We can’t and we won’t any longer and that’s why our mission is to create a platform where people can get acquainted and find out real information from people who enjoy and are knowledgeable on the same things as the potential customers. Honest people with honest opinions sharing with their friends for everyone’s benefit is how it always should of been and now it can be again.