Nesco FD-75A Review

If you’re tired of paying tons of money for dried jerky and fruit snacks, then a dehydrator may be for you. Dehdryators are a quick and efficient way to make a ton of snacks at once. The Nesco dehydrator is an adorable little appliance that lets you dehydrate food for a low price. 

Nesco FD-75A
  • The fan is housed on top
  • Replaceable Trays
  • Trays are easy to break
  • The machine has inconsistent drying times

Nesco FD-75A food dehydrator features

The Nesco FD-75A isn’t as hefty as other dehydrators and only ways around seven pounds. It also takes up far less room than the competitors and measures 13.75 by 22.13 by 13.87 inches. The Nesco is made in America, and the company states that they only imported the electronic head from china. Keep in mind that the trays are made out of plastic and can be easily damaged. The good news is that you can just buy more, the bad is that this will cost you extra money.


This dehydrator comes with five trays in total and an option to expand to twelve. Each tray is 13 1/2 inches in diameter. It is worth noting that while you can make more food, the dehydrator looks unattracted at full capacity. The dehydrator can hold around 3.5 pounds of food, which is nice for the price. If you don’t mind the off-putting look of the machine in your kitchen, then it is a great choice.

Timer and Thermostat

This machine can heat up between 96 degrees to 160 degrees. The machine has a dial at the top for changing settings with small light indicators. The body of the machine is made to be completely opaque. This helps to block out any extra light that would interfere with the drying process. This model does not have a timer, which is to be expected since it has such a low price. I generally use my smartphone as a way to time how long my food has been drying.

Performance and Quality

Dehydrator Nesco FD-75AThis dehydrator is a bit interesting compared to other products on the market. The drying system is located on top of the unit instead of the bottom. This is a huge change from other appliances as the air is almost always pushed up. The dehydrator is great for the price but can take long amounts of time to dry food. In all honesty, it can sometimes be inconsistent with drying times. The food closest to the airflow will always dry a bit faster, while the ones in the back and middle are slow. Generally, once all the food is done drying, it tastes pretty good, and on lower temperatures, this model can preserve nutrients.

It’s also worth mention that while the replaceable trays are nice, they are made of plastic. It’s pretty easy to snap a tray in half, and you can’t expect them to last very long. If you are planning to use the dehydrator a lot, you should budget in a few replacement trays. 


One of the biggest perks to the dehydrator is how much easier to clean it is than competitor models. Since the fan is on top, you don’t have to worry about juices dripping down on top of it. You simply need to worry about cleaning the trays. Just be sure not to use the trays in your dishwasher as they have a possibility of melting. Use warm water and a rag to wipe them down after each use. If you are looking to use all twelve trays, though, cleaning can take quite some time.


This is one of the cheaper models on the market, and honestly, it shows. If you’re just looking to make some quick snacks every once in a while, then this unit will serve you well. If you want to make tons of jerky all the time, you may want to skip over this one. The machine floats around $60, which isn’t a bad price for what it can do. If you don’t feel like paying hundreds of dollars for competitor models and can settle with limited features, then go ahead and pick it up. It also has a one-year factory warranty that covers defects.


How to use Nesco FD-75A food dehydrator for fruit

To use the Nesco food dehydrator, you need to simply plug it into the wall and ready your trays for food. Make sure to space out your fruit and cut them into thin slices. If you have extra moist fruit, try patenting them off with a towel or cutting them into even thinner slices. Once you have fastened in your trays below the fan, just choose the setting that is right for your food.

What temperature does Nesco Nesco FD-75A dehydrate?

The temperature you need for certain foods will vary. As stated above, there are several different heat settings. Use a dehydrating guide for jerky and unique fruit to get the best idea of drying temperature.

How long does jerky take in Nesco dehydrator?

The Nesco is a bit inconsistent in how long it takes to dry food. It usually takes between eight to ten hours to dry jerky depending on the thickness of the cut and heat setting. 

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