Oster Blender Pro 1200 Review

The Oster Blender is made to help you make a host of different food options using just one device. Not only can you make your favorites smoothies with this advanced appliance, but you can also make your favorite salsa. The blender offers a host of features, speeds, and extras to make it the perfect choice for your kitchen.

  • Multiple Settings and Speeds
  • Twenty-Four-OunceTo Go Cup
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Blades Rust Easily
  • Faulty Safety Switch

Blender Specs

Oster is a brand that has been making kitchen appliances since the 1960s, you can find wine opener, convection oven, waffle maker. The company offers an expansive line of blenders to its customers along with many other kitchen staples.

Motor & Blades

The Oster Pro 1200 has a powerful motor made out of die-cast metal. The motor has 1,6 Hp or a 1200 watt model. The motor can easily puree your food in a matter of minutes. If you are trying to make small chunks for a recipe, you will need to exercise caution as the Oster Pro is designed for fast performance. The motor is rather quite though.

The blades for this particular blender are also made to cut down food quickly. The blender features six multi-directional stainless steel blades for clean cuts. The blades in this model are non-replaceable, so you will need to practice proper cleaning practices to keep from having to replace the whole unit.


This model has three different modes with three different speeds and a pulse option for even cutting. The first option is for smoothies and will completely puree the fruits and veggies you throw inside. For softer food, you can use the low to medium settings, but for hard to cut fruit, you will need to use the high setting. The next setting is dedicated to food chopping and making salsa. For chopping, you will want to watch the blender closely while using the low setting, for chunky salsa try the medium if you want smooth salsa you need to set the blender on high.

The final setting is for dealing with thicker liquids lie ice cream and is designed specifically for making milkshakes. Each option has an indicator light underneath to help you keep up with what setting and speed you currently have the blender set for. The controls are one touch and can be switched on the fly. This allows you to slow down or speed up the process of making your favorite recipes.

In addition to having multiple settings, the model also comes with a twenty-four-ounce smoothie cup. This cup will allow you to quickly make a smoothie for on the go purposes. This cup even comes with a secure on the lid so that you won’t lose any of your smoothies while you’re walking around.

Size & Weight

Even in large kitchens, you don’t want to give up a ton of space that could be used for food prep. Like most blenders, the Oster Pro will take up more room vertically than it will horizontally. This appliance measures 8.6 inches by 10.2 inches by 13.9 inches. The appliance is also pretty easy to move and only weighs seven pounds.

Safety & Cleaning

Like with any blenders for juicing, you should exercise caution. Blenders can be dangerous, especially when used by small children. Make sure to keep your blender off when adding in food and safety secure the lid before starting the blending process. Never remove the lid before turning the blender off or stick your hand inside a blender that is powered on. If you have small children unplug the blender after each use (apropos, check out our smoothie ideas for toddlers). This model does have a safety switch.

Like any kitchen appliance, your blender will need to be properly cleaned after every use to keep bacteria and mold at away. This blender is dishwasher safe, so be sure to take advantage of this feature. If you don’t have a dishwasher, then carefully handwash the class and lid with warm water. You will also want to use a rag with soap and warm water to wash off the blade after every use. Be sure to dry the blades thoroughly as they can be prone to rust.

Durability of Oster Blender Pro 1200

As mentioned above, the blades of this blender are made out of stainless steel but can be prone to rust if not cleaned and dried off properly. The motor itself is pretty sturdy, and the glass container is thick enough to keep from easily breaking. The lid is also made of thick plastic, but won’t be able to stand up to things like boiling water. This blender is best used for softer food items and shouldn’t be run back to back to keep the motor from wearing out.

Warranty & Price

Like most any item from a reputable company like Oster, this blender comes with a warranty to protect you from faulty hardware. The warranty for the Oster Pro is quite generous as you will get a 10-year limited warranty. This will cover things like the motor going out or your blades breaking. The product originally only had a three-year warranty, but the company has upgraded the product in the last few years to be more durable. If you want to buy the Oster Pro 1200, it will currently cost you about $60.


Can I crush ice using this blender?

Yes, you can crush ice either with or without water in the blender. Please use the “pulse” function and create snow with only 5 or 6 pulses.

Does it make “smooth” green smoothies?

Yes, there’s “smoothie” function. You can also use the manual functions. You might be interested in our ideas for green juice.

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