Polaris F9550 Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

For those who are willing to invest a little to make sure they get a great value, Polaris has done well with the Polaris F9550. This sporty robotic pool cleaner manages to look like a higher-end model while delivering on its feature. It’ll be hard to find this model under $1000 but it does pack enough into its attractive build to warrant a double-take.

Almost every step of the way Polaris took a bit of an extra step to poke at the competition. The resulting machine is certainly worth a look if you don’t mind investing. In the end, the extra few hundred could save much more in pool repairs.

Polaris F9550 Robotic Pool Cleaner
  • The attractive design makes it more appealing than the majority of robotic cleaners
  • Fully decked out list of features provide extra value
  • 4WD allows tackling of any surface
  • Pretty expensive even against other high-end robotic pool cleaners
  • The exhaust on the rear can be a detriment when climbing uneven walls
  • Not great on steps

Type of Filter

The filtering is an interesting aspect of the Polaris 9550 somewhat due to it being one of the more normal parts of the model. Despite its simplicity, the ease of cleaning allows that perceived weakness to really shine. When combined with a filter full indicator this is one of the easier to clean robotic cleaners on the market.

Though you do make up for that ease a bit in not having multiple filters with higher capacity. You still have 2-micron filtration for picking up all kinds of debris.


Like the majority of robotic pool cleaners, the Polaris 9550 receives power from a cable. This one is a bit longer than most you’ll find at 70 feet. This extra length should allow users to clean pools up to 60 feet. The Polaris 9550 only consumes 150 watts of electricity during operation. This puts it on the lower end for robotic pool cleaners and far outstrips traditional suction and pressure methods.


Polaris F9550The four wheels, sporty frame, and rear exhaust instantly make this one of the most attractive robotic pool cleaners around. The looks can pay a bit though because the rear exhaust will kick dirt back in some situations. Cleaning the wall can lead to another cleaning being required. This is a pretty heavy machine at about 45 pounds but it does have features to make it easier to move.


The power is one of the main reasons this robotic pool cleaner deserves to be on the upper end. Beyond powerful suction abilities, its rubber wheels and four-wheel drive allow it to effectively clean all materials. The wide intake mouth has the clearance to grab all sorts of debris from fine to large. Once the debris is pulled in the Vortex Vacuum technology keeps it suspended for superior suction power. The solid blade scrubber also helps to make sure you get a thorough clean.

Climbing Ability

The Polaris 9550 does a pretty good job scaling most surfaces allowing it to clean floors, walls,  waterlines, and stairs. The rear exhaust helps it motor up the side of the wall along with help from the rubber wheels and powerful suction. If it struggles to climb walls slippery algae buildup or a full canister is the likely issue. Try shocking the pool and cleaning out the filter of the 9550 before you try again.

Cleaning Cycles

One of the main reasons many pay extra for this model is the extra customization in its cleaning cycles. It has the rare ability to decide which areas you want to be cleaned between the floors, walls, and waterline. On top of that, you have the ability to set up 7-day programmable cleaning timers. The intuitive ease of the Polaris 9550 pushes automation to a point few other robotic pool cleaners can match.

Deflecting Features and Sensors

While many robotic pool cleaners have the ability to map out a pool before they start cleaning the 9550 goes a step further. With the use of ActivMotion Sensor, this machine is capable of truly keeping track of its position. The Polaris 9550 can efficiently read its surroundings for full coverage cleaning without any hangups. This navigation works well with the four-wheel-drive for an especially convenient clean.

Other Features of Polaris F9550 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Polaris F9550 remote

This robotic pool cleaner is full of extra touches on most of the normal features. Still, you can find a few more additions that you won’t usually find elsewhere. The Easy Lift System allows the heavyweight to not matter much as a single button will make the 9550 surface. It will then dispense its water and sit there waiting for you to grab it. Grabbing it isn’t too hard either with the included caddy. Finally, a motion-sensing remote allows for an extra degree of control.

Polaris F9550 Robotic Pool Cleaner Review Conclusion

Spending around $1100 is a steep ask for any purchase but Polaris does well to make the price tag fit. Even amongst the other high-end robotic cleaners, its feature list is impressive. This is what comes to mind when you think space-age pool cleaners.

You won’t find many more attractive or powerful models around. When you combine its level of automation with all the parts to be easy to use it’s hard not to like. Don’t break your bank though with luck this model will certainly make your money back in time.


Is the All Purpose Filter Canister the only option for this cleaner?

No, Polaris also offer the following:
1. Leaf Canister (R0535900) with coarse mesh.
2. Ultra Fine Sand/Silt Canister (R0535800) with very fine mesh.

Can the cable get tangled in the pool?

Yes, this means that the cable is too long in the water. Place only the required cable length in the water and place the rest on the side of the pool.


Polaris F9550 Robotic Pool Cleaner Manual

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Polaris F9550 Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

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