Presto Food Dehydrator Review

I love beef jerky and dried fruits, like apples and mangos. The biggest issue I run into with this is the cost of buying them. They are always way more expensive than you would think. With a good food dehydrator and a little effort, you can make your own delicious dried snacks at a fraction of the cost.

Plus, there’s no added sugar or preservatives, making these homemade snacks much healthier for you. Presto Food Dehydrator is a great affordable option for a first-time dehydrator or novice home chef. I’ll try not to make this too cut and dry.

Presto Food Dehydrator
  • Simple design that is easy to use
  • Very affordable model
  • Can be expanded with additional trays
  • No built-in timer
  • No temperature control

Presto food dehydrator features

The Presto Dehydro is a great addition to any kitchen. The basic package comes with the base fan, four drying trays, and a clear polycarbonate cover so you can monitor the progress of your food. It’s white so it will blend in with most home kitchens.

The green LED on the front will indicate when it is operating normally. This dehydrator is around 6.5 inches tall and is almost 6 inches in diameter. It only weighs about 7 pounds, which makes setting up a breeze. The cord is a good length and can be stored underneath the dehydrator while it is not in use. It’s a sleek-looking appliance as well. 


The drying trays on this dehydrator are very cleverly designed. They are made to nest into each other for storage and greatly reduces the footprint of this appliance, leaving you plenty of room in your cabinets. Each drying tray also has markings on them, showing which side is supposed to be up, so there is no confusion.

Once they are set up, you have about a 15-inch diameter of space to place your fruits and meat on each tray. Additional drying trays can be purchased, and you can stack up to eight trays on one dehydrator. This gives it plenty of space if you are dehydrating a large number of snacks or want to meal prep some sides. 

Timer and Thermostat

The Presto Food Dehydrator does not come with any kind of timer or temperature control on this model dehydrator. Sadly, this is part of the sacrifice of buying a more affordable dehydrator. A downside for me is that you have to monitor your snacks while they are drying to get a feel for how long each item should be in for.

It heats at a standard 165 degrees Fahrenheit, which is nice, but makes the machine feel a bit limited. After you get a feel for it, however, the dehydrator does an amazing job. If you’re like me though and time slips aways remember to set an alarm on your phone. 

Performance and Quality

This dehydrator may be small and compact, but it still packs a punch. It’s capable of outputting 600 watts of power to dry even thick or extremely moist snacks. It is a traditional design for dehydrators with a powerful bottom mounted fan.

The heating element can keep each tray at an even 165 degrees Fahrenheit. For standard cut meats, however, it will take around 10 hours. If you are dehydrating fruits, it can take anywhere between 3 to 20 hours, depending on the size and water content. This is also the type of appliance, however, that if properly cared for, will last you for a long time and save you plenty of money. 


Cleaning up is just is simple making this dehydrator an easy choice for families on a bydget. The trays and the clear polycarbonate cover are dishwasher safe making cleaning up fast and convenient. The base and the fan cover can be wiped down with a damp cloth. The hardest part is getting the food that drips between the fan cover, however,  this is easily removed using a scrub brush. Warm water and soap are all that required. So don’t worry, you won’t have to scrub for hours in order to use it again. 


The Presto Dehydro is a great beginner model dehydrator. It’s conveniently sized and affordable with a simple design. You can commonly find these for around $50 if you shop around a bit. This is a much cheaper price than competitor brands that typically cost hundreds of dollars.

It easily pays for itself after two or three uses, however, since the price of dried fruits and jerky can be so high. It comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty as well to cover any defective parts. If you are looking for a simple dehydrator for a small family lime mine or even just personal healthy snacks, the Presto Dehydro is a perfect fit. 


How hot does the Presto dehydrator get?

Sadly, this dehydrator doesn’t have any way to manually control the temperature. It does, however, automatically heats up to 165 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the recommended temperature for dehydrating. The temperature does stay consistent with airflow throughout the entire dehydrator, with no issues. 

How do you use a Presto dehydro dehydrator?

Presto has made the set-up and use as easy as possible. They include a start-up manual in the box as well if you learn better through reading the steps.

In addition, the trays come nested together neatly, so you will want to remove and flip them over. This gives you enough room between trays for air to circulate properly. Place your desired snacks on each tray, then place the clear lid on top. Plugin the dehydrator, and you are ready to make delicious dried snacks. 

Presto Dehydrator