DeLonghi FH 1163 Multicooker Review

I have used this DeLonghi FH 1163 for about a week now and here is my opinion of it.

I made 5 different items of food with this Air Fryer: pizza, salmon, sandwiches, chips and chicken wings.

The cooking process was quick and smooth. The timer on the Fryer helps leave the machine to go do other chores while the food is cooking. The bottom heater function is really helpful, as it helps cook even quicker, allowing heating from both top and bottom of the Fryer.

The Fryer creates some noise while active, about the same level of a working hair dryer. The size of the pot is small, so in order to heat up pizza, I had to cut it and put into the Fryer in slices.

The surface of the pot is smooth and can easily be damaged, I suggest being extra careful while rinsing it.

The spinner, that stirs the contents of the pot, is quite weak and doesn't have enough power to move chips to distribute them evenly throughout the pot. I would suggest moving the contents (like french fries) your self.

The pin inside the pot does not fold and can not be removed. This did not affect my cooking that much but it definitely can be a problem while cooking pizza or flat bread.

I give 4.5 stars.

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  • Cooks quickly
  • Easy to get the tray
  • Bottom heater
  • The timer can be taken out


  • Noisy
  • The paddle is quite weak
  • The coating can be damaged

Verdict after using for 7 days

Definitely great for quick, easy and healthy cooking. Uses almost no oil and quite simple to operate.

On one hand, it is a great tool for simple, everyday cooking if you don't want to spend hours in the kitchen. On the other hand, due to it having only one mode of cooking, it's probably not enough for complex "5 star restaurant" recipes. But do remember, I am an amuture chef, so I wouldn't know :)

I definitely like my purchase and would recommend DeLonghi multifry to friends. When I finally move out, I am sure I'm taking this thing with me.

DeLonghi FH 1163 Multicooker
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