Remington S9632 Pro 2" Professional Titanium Ceramic Flat Iron Review


Hi, My name's Chloe, i’m a hairdresser and generally obsessed with hair. Im always keen to find new products to make hairstyling easier and explore more styling options. I wanted to try out the Remmington Pro because it has titanium and wide plates.

First Impressions

When the product arrives i was impressed with the general appearance. The product looks very attractive and i was able to use it without help of the instructions. However, i did notice that the plug was unsuitable for a UK user so i had to request to have a plug extension.


There is not much to set up when using this product. All you simply have to do is switch it on and allow it to heat up. I would recommend using a heat mat in order to prevent you damaging your counter top. Most straightener come with a protective mat but this one did not.


- 2inch plates - wider plates than a normal straightener. - Professional Titanium Ceramic Flat Iron - like using titanium as it heats up very well. - Heats up to a professional heat setting.

User experience

The product was easy to use, but the heat setting made it unclear what precise temperature the straighter was set on. I found that the product heated up quickly and i was able to achieve straight hair in one pass. However, I was not able to produce any curls with this product.


The product seems to be made of good quality. Remmington is a solid brand in the hair industry and this product is reflective of their standards. Conclusion I used this product to style thick hair extensions that had been coloured. I had a positive experience as the straightener did not burn the hair and the colour was not impacted by the heat.

Video review


  • The straightener heats up quickly to a temperature to produce good results on think hair.
  • The straightener is easy to use without having to read the instructions
  • The straighter is an attractive design
  • Easy to straighten hair very quickly
  • Good result on hair straighteners
  • Wide plates


  • I was not able to create curls with this item
  • The heat settings are confusing
  • Does not have a digital heat setting

Verdict after using for 6 days

Overall, I will be continuing to use this product when I need to straighten my hair quickly and efficiently.

However, I would not recommend repurchasing if you want a straightener that can also produce curls.

Remington S9632 Pro 2" Flat Iron
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