Kitsound Reunion Wireless Bookshelf Speakers Review

Hi, I'm Harry and I live in London. I listen to a lot of music so I treated myself to a new pair of speakers, and after some research I settled on the Kitsound Reunion, which seemed to offer some great value features. For just £100, they seem to offer multiple connectivity options and good quality sound.  


After an initial unboxing, you have most of what you'll need to get started. Controller batteries included, power cords and the cables needed to connect the two speaker units together. I suppose these aren't 'truly wireless' but if they're sitting on my shelf that doesn't really matter to me. The unboxing experience is fairly standard, nothing amazing but nothing to complain about, though an AUX or RCA cable would have been a nice extra.


Setup is about as easy as any speaker can get, just plug the power in and connects the two units and you're good to go. Connecting to a bluetooth compatible device is also self explanatory through the controller. The only complaint I have is that the power cable could be a tad longer for those high reaching shelves, but this wasn't an issue for me and it would not be difficult to find a longer cable from Amazon.


The KS Reunion speakers are equipped with everything they need to be a competitive choice in the budget speaker market. As bookshelf-style speakers go, they aren't lacking in their input options. The only thing that could really be added is an optical audio port for television connection, but people looking for that connection will more likely be looking for a sound bar. The ability to change the bass and treble is a nice touch in addition to any equaliser settings you may have on a connected device, and makes it that much nicer to use. The controller, while perfectly usable, feels cheaper than the speakers and I suspect some money was saved here. For a small room, the range of the remote is fine but users in large rooms might have issues.


The KS speakers have little to confuse even the least tech-savvy amongst us. Switching between inputs is a one-click affair and the EQ settings are nicely presented, making a 'beep' when a maximum or minimum value is reached. The hardest thing (which is by no means hard) is connecting a bluetooth device for the first time, however this lies with the user's knowledge of their device more than it does with the speaker.


Overall this is a much more premium-feeling product than you might expect from the price tag - the speakers sport a leather textured finish, with padded chrome feet on the base. All dials and switches have a tactile feel and with the exception of the use of a plastic backing, it feels very non-plasticky. As I mentioned previously, however, the remote does not meet these standards so well, featuring mushy rubber buttons and a cheap matte plastic casing.


To round off this review, the most important part of these speakers is their value. For £100 (or less, if you catch a sale), you can get solid-feeling speakers which will look stylish in most interiors, whilst offering connectivity to almost any device you might need whilst still sounding like they cost twice that. Aside from the minor design missteps, KitSound have produced a stunning pair of speakers.  

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  • Great sound quality, especially for the price
  • Lots of input options
  • Flexible for most use cases
  • Bass is present, but not overpowering
  • Bass and Treble controls


  • Audio can dip occasionally

Verdict after using for 7 days

An impressive pair of speakers with a competitive price!

KitSound Reunion Wireless Bookshelf Speaker
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