Shark Genius Pocket Mop S5003D Review

Sometimes cleaning your floors with everyday household cleaning supplies can only do so much in that a regular mop and bucket can only clean surface level messes. There’s always going to be dirt or grime beneath that surface level that a regular mop just can’t get. That’s where steam mops come in being able to get too deep surface areas like floor crevices and corners.

This is also much easier for me than using the simple a traditional mop. For those of you looking for a great feature-filled steam mop to suit your home’s needs to keep it neat and clean, you may want to check out this Shark Genius Pocket steam mop.

Shark Genius Pocket Mop S5003D

Shark Genius Pocket Mop S5003D Product Features

The Shark Genius Pocket steam mop has a variety of settings to rid your home’s floors of any trace of dirt or other messes. The mop uses its three steam intensity settings for light to heavier clean up spots. If you come across a messy area that just won’t come up, using the mop’s steam blaster.

This handy feature to spray a concentrated steam flow to make tough stains a piece of cake to mop. The Shark Genius Pocket steam mop features a double-sided dirt-grip mop head. It’s great for picking up any nasty particles caked on nearly any surface. Also, when I finish cleaning, I can easily was the mop. I can simply release the mop head for easy machine washable cleaning without the mess of handling it by hand.


The Shark Genius Pocket comes in the box with the steam mop, the Genius mop head, two dirt-grip pads, and a flask for filling the water tank. The mop comes disassembled into three parts, but assembly is simple, with each part snap-fitting into place with ease. The steam mop’s tank holds up to a maximum of 220 milliliters of water.

One of my favorite components is that it does not require any extra cleaning solutions. The dirt-grip pads cover a wide area and are designed in a way to maximize the number of particles picked up. It also can conveniently be washed for reuse for up to 4 months.

To extend the life of your dirt-grip pads, machine-wash them after every use. Attached to the steam mop is a lengthy 18-foot cord to plug into a wall outlet. This cord is long enough for any room, allowing me to clean from corner to corner of my home.


You can choose three different modes when using this steam mop; low, medium, and high. Depending on the types of stains or messes you’ll need to tackle, each setting will expel a low to high intensity of steam. It gives me the power needed for my particular clean up jobs. If none of the settings are enough to rid your floor of a rather nasty stain, flip the mop head over.

This will release a concentrated burst of steam through the Shark Genius’ steam blaster technology to lessen the resistance of the stain for maximum cleanup efficiency. When powering the mop on, be sure to view the status of the front LED indicators. This lets me know which setting is currently being in use.


Shark S5003D Pocket Mop ReviewFor the mop to be used for cleaning, however, you will need to fill the tank with water with the included flask and pour water directly into the tank. Do not fill it past the flask’s indicated line. Next, plug the unit to a nearby wall outlet and set the mop to the setting you desire and wait 30 seconds before using. In addition, this gives my mop time to heat up for proper steam release.

Once ready, simply push forward on the mop handle to release steam onto the mop handle and push the mop to begin cleaning. The low setting is meant for light dirt and dust removal and for more sensitive surfaces while medium and high. These mops are meant for larger messes and deep cleaning for hard surfaces. It’s also perfect for floors like mine that attract a lot of heavy everyday movement over.


This Shark steam mop can glide over hard surfaces with ease. The mop works no matter the dirt, sticky spills, or other messes that it comes in contact with. I love the steam technology packed into this compact mop. It allows for movement over my hard surfaces such as hardwood, marble, and laminate. This leaves only a clean trail behind it with not a speck of dirt to be seen.

Price & Warranty

The Shark Genius Pocket steam mop is priced at around $120, suggested retail, but often goes for sale for as low as $105 on websites such as Amazon and brick-and-mortar retail stores such as Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond. This is a pretty average price for a steam mop, but considering the features is worth it. The steam mop includes a 5-Year VIP service manufacturer’s warranty that can replace any defective units.


How do you use the Shark Genius Pocket steam mop?

All that’s required for the use of this steam mop are filling the built-in water tank with the recommended amount of water and plugging it into any nearby wall outlet. Once plugged in, choose any of the three settings and wait 30 seconds and then push the handle in to start cleaning.

Can it be Used on Carpet?

No, this model can not be used on carpets.

Shark Genius S5003D