Shark Lift Away Steam Mop Review

Steam mops offer an innovative way to get a deeper clean than ever before. These devices kill 99.9% of germs without the use of any harsh chemicals.

  • 2 in 1 versatility allows you to reach and clean a larger area.
  • Three different settings for the perfect amount of steam.
  • Blast steam technology for hard to clean spots.
  • The warranty is limited to defective parts.
  • Mop pads can be difficult to find unless you order online.

Product Features

The main feature of this steam mop is it’s 2 in 1 versatility. It has a built-in hand-held steamer that can be removed to get to harder to reach places while cleaning. Also, it has a three-foot reach allowing you steam clean higher surfaces and even curtains.

It is built with an Intelli-mop head with steam blaster technology. This allows you to switch from standard steam output to a heavy blast of steam for hard to clean, stubborn areas.

The touch-free cleanup feature lets you release the cleaning pad at the touch of a button. It releases the two side clamps that hold the pad in places and shrugs right off. You never have to touch the grimy cleaning pad after a hard clean.


This model Shark steam mop comes with two dual-sided dirt grip cleaning pads with a cleaning area of 13 inches by 7 inches. It is lightweight for its capabilities weighing about 5 pounds. The tank on this steam mop holds 500ml of water, which gives you about 20 to 30 minutes of steam. It has a 1200 watt heating element that produces steam in 60 seconds, even if it hasn’t been used. The entire mop is about 4 feet long, making it perfect for people of all average heights. It also comes with a triangular mop head designed for scrubbing.


The Shark Lift-Away has 3 settings of intelligent steam control. The Light setting is best for surfaces that need a lighter touch, such as laminate flooring. This setting can be used for simple dusting of surfaces or a quick clean. The Mop setting is designed with daily cleaning in mind. This will be the setting you use on most surfaces or when cleaning moderately traveled areas. Lastly, there is the Scrub setting. This is made for spot cleaning problem areas since it can liquefy dirt and grime. You can also use it for areas that need a deep steam clean such as carpets. It is the best option for stains or for areas you need highly sanitized.


Shark Lift Away Steam MopCleaning up for this steam mop is simple. The touch-free cleaning pad releases males; it easy to remove the pad without touching the dirty pad. Each cleaning pad is machine washable, allowing you to reuse them multiple times. The manufacturer recommends you replace these pads after every 20 machine washes. The mop itself is easy to care for. Make sure not to store it with a wet or damp cleaning pad on it to ensure you keep away mildew. Always empty the reservoir fully before storing it after each use as well. Mildew can damage your mop and clog the steam jets.


The Shark Lift-Away has a 22-foot power cable giving you plenty of cord to clean entire rooms without stopping to plug it in elsewhere. This mop has a swivel mop head that allows you to clean around corners with ease. It’s also very lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about tiring out during long cleaning sessions. The even lighter built-in hand-held steamer gives you even more mobility to reach those pesky areas.

Price & Warranty

The Shark Lift-Away is a great steam mop for people looking for a well-rounded model. It isn’t the cheapest mop on the market, but you get plenty of time-saving features for your money. Most of the time, you can find this model steam mop for around $160. It comes with a limited one year warranty in case you have any issues with the product. This warranty only covers defective parts from the manufacturer.


How do you clean a shark lift steam mop?

If it gets overly dirty, you can wipe the outside down with a damp cloth. Ensure you remove the cleaning pads after use and machine wash them. Never put it away with water still in the reservoir.

How do you change Shark steam mop pads?

The steam mop cleaning pads are simple to change. If you have a pad on the steam mop already, just press the quick-release button and shake it right off. Always make sure your steam mop is turned off and cooled down before changing the pads to prevent burns. The cleaning pads simply slip over the mop head and fold over to reveal either side for cleaning.

Shark Lift Away Steam Mop Manual

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9.6 Total Score

If you have a large home to clean or you are looking to upgrade from a base model steam mop, then the Shark Lift-Away is a wonderful choice. Also, the price of the model is reasonable for a more advanced steam mop with the added benefit of being a 2 in 1 model. It has tons of features that allow you to get a deeper clean in your home and save you time while doing it.

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