SOMMER 1052V000 Garage Door Opener Review

When the silent purr of the SOMMER 1052V000 makes you forget you even opened your garage door you’ll appreciate the direct drive. Using the quietest operation system on the market this model from SOMMER is more than just easy on the ears. While it might not grab too many eyes a strong overall build and a nice list of features will bring you back. The extreme quiet of operation also comes with almost no vibrations for the true modern garage door experience. The interesting combination of features makes this SOMMER one of the more unique options on the market.

  • Efficient and powerful
  • Lifetime warranty
  • A solid set of features and optional accessories
  • European design can limit availability in some areas.
  • Toned down look isn’t particularly striking


The SOMMER 1052V000 is one of the most low-key garage door openers you will find on the market. It fits slyly into your garage with very little clutter. This fits well with its super quiet operation for an almost ninja-like appeal. Though with its rounded edges all around the look is very understated. Direct drive is the most important part of the design giving it its exceptionally quiet sound profile. The motor moves instead of the motor moving the chain for the most state of the art operation on the market. With only one moving part this design is extremely durable. The motor is also positioned on the door for superior lifting power. A stationary base stays on the ceiling with powerful LED lights for security lighting. The rail is made for 8-foot doors.


You can expect to pay quite the pretty penny for a direct drive garage door opener as they are the newest technology on the market. That isn’t the greatest detriment for the SOMMER 1052V000, however, with a relatively low price for the design style. You can find the SOMMER 1052V000 for around $250 making it quite the affordable direct drive garage door opener. This lower price does come at the cost of many features that you might find in higher-end direct drive models. A few features you could find in other operation styles for a lower price. As long as it has what you’re looking for the value is certainly there.

Power Source/Battery

Part of the strength in the SOMMER 1052V000 lies in its energy efficiency. Direct drive on its own allows for a low requirement for your household power grid. There is no battery backup in the basic package though you can purchase an optional addition. This garage door opener makes use of a DC motor for extra efficient operation over AC counterparts. Capable of up to 70 operations per hour the direct drive really helps for a dependable garage door opener.


With direct drive, you don’t need an especially powerful motor in your garage door opener. The SOMMER 1052V000 fits very well here with a 1 horsepower motor. While you might question that power in some motors with heavy doors. This model is capable of lifting up to 1,200 pounds. Overall the horsepower is very efficient while able to work with the majority of garage doors for a long time.

Smart Phone Control

It is pretty surprising that SOMMER was able to fit in a pretty good smartphone control system along with everything else. This model makes use of SOMLink for most of the standard remote control capabilities. This module allows communication with the web app for WiFi access and greater control of your garage door opener. You will be able to open and close your door or turn the lights on and off from your phone. You can also set it up to receive alerts whenever your door opens or closes for extra security. With adaptive learning and multiple code control, the SOMMER 1052V000 gives your terrific remote capabilities.

Other Features of SOMMER 1052V000

This model has a nice list of extra goodies that help increase its value further. First, you will find its own version of the stop and go technology for safety. It will quickly stop and start motion when objects get in the way of its two motion sensors. An auto-locking magnet will kick in for collisions up to 660 pounds. This adds another security factor for stopping intruders. Shortening or lengthening the opener is possible with a 3-foot extension kit. Rolling code technology gives you more safety with over 20 codes for preventing hacking. The back jump feature removes tension from the door when closed. You won’t find many garage door openers with more options for additional features.


Thanks to only a single moving part you don’t have to worry too much about pieces breaking down. SOMMER compounds this sense of ease with a lifetime guarantee on that single moving part.  Even better you actually get a lifetime warranty on the entire garage door unit. As far as the accessories go you will get a 2-year warranty across the board. This type of warranty is pretty spectacular and just about the best you could hope for with a garage door opener.

SOMMER 1052V000 Garage Door Opener Review Conclusion

This garage door opener from SOMMER is quite an impressive package with lots to appreciate. Starting with the direct-drive design you have an incredibly quiet operation. When you throw in smartphone control and superb efficiency there’s plenty to like. With most of the issues being nitpicky at best, the price is also quite affordable for its style. A quiet contender for the best garage door opener.

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SOMMER 1052V000 Garage Door Opener

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