Tips For Traveling With A Newborn

Traveling with kids, in general, can be difficult, but traveling with a newborn is a whole other ball game. Unlike older babies, newborns are especially delicate, and this should be taken into account with everything you do. Some times though, you will need to take your newborn with you, and this can be a difficult and confusing process, especially for new moms.

Below I will give you some tips on safety traveling with your little one after they are born.

Traveling With a Newborn

I’m not going to sugar coat it and say that your child is going to be pleasant while you drive around. Some babies love car rides, and others will cry from the second you put them in the car seat. These tips below are some important ways to reduce discomfort and stress on your newborn while you travel. Keep in mind that every baby is different, and your child may still be unhappy being in a car.

Choose a Good Carseat

First off, choose a good car seat from a brand name. Car seats have exploration dates, so if possible, you should buy them new. Always make sure to keep your child in the back seat of the car and ensure that they and the seat are securely buckled in. If you notice the car seat isn’t padded enough or that it seems flimsy, don’t use it. You need your little one to be comfortable while they ride.

The safest spot for your baby will always be the middle back seat as it is away from the airbags. You should also make sure to face them towards the back of the seat. Rear-facing car seats are safest for young babies and will protect them in case of an accident.

Watch The Temperature

The next thing to keep in mind is the temperature. Often times the back seat will be a bit color or warmer than the front seat. You should always make sure that the temperature of the car is suited to your baby’s needs. If you don’t have a car with good circulation, then it can be especially important to manage your air. For winter, you may want to give your child a blanket while you travel. If it’s summer, then make sure to dress them in cooler clothes.

Take Breaks

Traveling With A NewbornIf you are having to travel long distances, your child will need a break. Make sure to take time every couple of hours to feed them. If you think they have had an accident, then quickly pull over at a safe spot and get them changed before continuing your journey.

If possible, get your partner to ride in the back with them for extra comfort in between breaks. A baby may become distressed if they are alone for hours on end.

Don’t Expect it to be Easy

As mentioned above, some babies will sleep on car rides, and others will hate it. Pay attention to your child and try to find a way to make them content on the ride. There is always a chance they will be fussy all the way there. Make sure you can safely drive if your child begins to cry during the trip. Some newborns just won’t have the car and will scream the whole time; these little ones may need to wait if possible before making any major trips.

Keep in mind that having a newborn will drastically change your daily life, and simply going out to pick up some food may be tougher than it use to be.


When should you travel with a newborn

Only travel with them when necessary, when possible. Newborns aren’t going to be used to a car, and taking them out can introduce them to more germs. Babies need to build up their immune systems over time, and newborns can get sick easily.

Can you travel by car with a newborn?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to travel in a car with a newborn, they have to come home from the hospital, right? Make sure to follow the tips above for securing the car seat and make sure to keep them comfortable. Never let someone just hold the child while the car is in motion, and be sure to take regular breaks. You can use a baby monitor to look at the back where child safety seat is located.

Is it OK to drive long-distance with a newborn?

It depends on your child. While yes, you can without hurting them, it is not preferable. While newborns can sleep awhile, some may be scared of a car. You will need to be diligent in taking care of the child when you’re on the road. Don’t expect them to be quiet or the trip to go smoothly. If possible, you should try and get your baby use to car rides over time and wait until their older to take long trips.