Top 3 hidden cameras with audio for home

Looking to shore up your security with a hidden camera with audio for the home? There’s nothing worse than thinking you caught a culprit and realizing you don’t have the evidence. Catching someone on video only goes so far when it comes to protecting yourself. With crazy additions like night vision and motion detection sometimes you can miss an essential. It’s important to have hidden surveillance cameras with audio so you don’t miss a beat.

You don’t want insurance denying your broken window because of an assailant who only showed up for a moment before the crashing glass. Taking the time to make sure you get audio along with your video footage can be paramount to your livelihood. Luckily we’ve taken the time to gather a few of our favorites so you aren’t left in an audible dead-zone.

Best Hidden Security Camera with Audio

Mini Spy Hidden Camera HD 1000TVL

hidden cameras with audio

When it comes to cutting edge spy equipment this model looks the part with its miniature size. Almost completely nondescript this came takes footage through a tiny pinhole lens. The cone-shaped design allows you to effectively hide this camera with the tiniest footprint. The main camera is only 15mm by 15 mm which makes it a great hidden camera with audio for home. Its small size comes along with an equally small price of around $20.

You won’t be able to find many cameras that match its size on multiple points. This comes along with issues though like its wired design. Even if it’s super small you will have to be creative about hiding the wire. At the same time, the wire does contribute to a steady image and better-protected information. Through the use of the DC 5V1A power adapter, you won’t have to worry about battery life as long as its plugged in. You can also look forward to decent night-vision footage. If you are looking for motion detection however look elsewhere.

With a small 3.66 mm lens you’ll have a decent angle of vision of around 120 degrees. The farther away you are the wider the angle you’ll be able to see. The most interesting factor about this model is how it operates as a normal CCTV. It does not record without extra equipment so you will need to do extra if you want more than live footage.

9.5Expert Score
Mini Spy Hidden Camera HD 1000TVL

Just about as simple as it gets and equally reliable this model should fit most users with any tech-savvy.

  • Very small easy to hide
  • Durable
  • Continuous recording
  • Wired
  • No motion detection
  • Needs extra equipment to reach optimal value

Hidden Camera WiFi Alarm Clock

As far as hidden cameras with audio for home go there’s one inconspicuous way that they can fit into any home. Alarm clocks with hidden cameras have become very popular as technology has improved. This model manages to throw in a bit of style to its simplistic display. Easily camouflaged as a fully functional alarm clock you have just enough to raise zero red flags.

The hidden spy camera with audio inside is even more impressive. With full HD visuals at 1920 x 1080 resolution, your footage is clear. Even in the night with a built-in LED light for coverage up to 30 feet. The price isn’t half bad either at around $80 right perfectly within range for a feature-laden natural camouflage camera.

You can decide your recording time with options like 12, 24hr, continuous, or motion detection recording. Save your footage directly to an up to 128 GB SD card or stream directly through the app.

9.4Expert Score
Hidden Camera WiFi Alarm Clock

This hidden security camera with audio checks all the boxes with a 125-degree viewing angle. With its 3200mAh rechargeable battery, you get 5-6 hours of recording time as well. It can also record while charging. If you factor in its ability to work as a stereo and alarm clock with snooze and time display who knows what footage you might get?

  • Fully functional alarm clock and stereo along with spy camera
  • Impressive night vision
  • Solid battery life
  • Mid-range price
  • Loop recording can delete footage

Small Voice Activated Digital Audio Recorder

The priciest option on our list is probably also the most unassuming as most will probably spend most of their time trying to figure out what it is. It isn’t quite a hidden camera with audio but, it definitely serves a purpose. Shaped like a small black rectangular cylinder this audio recorder can comfortably hide in plain sight almost anywhere. Though with a price tag hovering around $160 you will have to invest for this higher degree of sophistication. Self-sufficiency is key when it comes to hidden security cameras with audio.

This model delivers with a recording time of up to 576 hours. In voice-activated mode, the battery life can last for 150 days. If you want to stick to continuous recording 14 days is still an impressive limit. Of course, these amazing statistics come along with an inability to record video. There’s no need to worry about night vision or resolution when all you are looking for is auto. The range is still important, however, with angles traded out for stellar audio clarity in most situations. This model is capable of picking up a whisper 10 meters away. A great solution for anyone who needs an easy to use way to grab necessary audio at any time.

  • Amazing audio clarity
  • Very easy to hide
  • Extra-long battery life
  • Voice detection
  • Only captures audio footage
  • Price is pretty steep
  • Doesn’t alert when low on battery


How can you tell if a camera has audio?

The easiest way is to search online, take a picture and head over to Google Images to see if you can find its model number. Searching a model number should easily lead you to its features. It’s often hard to spot a mic on a camera, though a hole in the middle is a dead giveaway. If you can find a way to get a hold of the video footage from the camera you can simply find out if it records audio by play the video. If you are still struggling to figure it out you should try to contact the manufacturer of the company. They should have the answers and at the very least reimburse you if they’re wrong.