Top Rated Hidden Nanny Cam of 2020

There’s no reason to feel any bad feelings about picking up a hidden nanny cam if you feel its necessary. It’s hard to frown on anyone who is more worried about another than they are themselves. This is especially true when it comes to family members who we can’t always be around to protect. If you are going to pay someone for a job they should do it well. While we all hope for the utmost trust. The truth is a watchful eye can save you from a lot of future heartaches. Follow along and you are sure to figure out what is the best hidden nanny cam for you.

What is a nanny cam?

A nanny cam is a creative name for a hidden camera that serves a specific purpose. Generally used to make sure that nannies are watching over children properly. A quality nanny cam can serve a variety of purposes. The best hidden nanny cams with audio can be used for watching kids, pets, workers, or anything around your property. You never know when it would be nice to have an indoor camera to understand more of what’s happening. The most important part of any nanny cam though is an inconspicuous design. Whether its super tiny or in a natural disguise the ability to hide in plain sight is crucial.

Best Nanny Cam Reviews

With an option for pretty much, every price range here is our picks for the best nanny cam to protect your household.

Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Camera, Zohulu

If your idea of an effective way to hide is to take up as little space as possible this hidden nanny cam from Zohulu is worth a look. Incredibly tiny at one inch this model can fit almost anywhere with a profile even smaller than playing dice. With that small size comes a relatively low price as well with purchase for right around $20. You won’t find many other small cameras with as much value as you’ll find here. The battery is small as well of course with a 200mAh battery allowing for up to 100 minutes of continuous recording. Though you might get a time closer to an hour. Despite its size, you have a clear 1080p resolution.

9.4Expert Score
Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Camera, Zohulu

Motion detection allows you to save a bit of that battery life by only recording when activated. While it is a solid durable camera for its size, good for sports it isn’t waterproof. It does have an impressive 145 degrees of vision for its lens angle, however. This camera is wireless though it can also record while plugged in. The wireless doesn’t extend to WiFi though as everything must be saved to an internal memory card. With a max capacity of 32 GBs, you’ll have to buy a card separately.

  • Super tiny size makes it easy to hide
  • Extremely portable
  • Solid value for the price
  • Battery life could be longer
  • No natural camouflage
  • No WiFi for streaming footage

Wyze Cam with Night Vision

Wyze Cam with Night Vision

If you don’t mind going with a more upfront method of home surveillance you this model from Wyze is one of the best hidden nanny cams. Ith its opaque white cube shape it won’t naturally catch the eye. Blending in wherever you want is its specialty with an adhesive metal plate for screwless mounting. A 6-foot power cable gives you some leeway though it does require power with no battery life. This camera is built for indoor use so it isn’t weatherproof. With a price of around $50 its a nice package deal for two quality cameras capable of capturing clear 1080 p footage. 

9.2Expert Score
Wyze Cam with Night Vision

You have the ability to cover multiple angles with each camera having a 110-degree field of view that helps even more. With WIFi and motion tagging technology you can watch streaming footage or save directly to an SD card(up to 32GB). Two-way audio is another nice addition to make sure you don’t miss anything important. While many other brands charge you for cloud storage Wyze Cam stores the data for free for 14 days. This is one of the best nanny cams for making sure everything stays working well. Sometimes the idea of a watchful eye is all you need.

  • Mounts anywhere
  • Two cameras
  • Cloud storage
  • Solid features
  • No natural camouflage
  • Monitoring camera not for security purposes

PANORAXY B100V.3 Nanny Camera


Our highest priced option also comes with the most utility making it a great choice for best-hidden nanny cam with audio. This 3.1-inch black cube clock tells time digitally while hiding a nanny cam beneath the surface. It even comes with stickers so it can be decorated to look even more inconspicuous. With the ability to record locally or stream through WiFi you’ll have options for how to watch the footage. With a price of around $120, it is towards the higher end but comes with some impressive features to match. 

9.4Expert Score

When the WiFi isn’t around up to a 128 GB SD card can be used for two styles of filming. Continuous will continue to catch footage while motion detection records short clips upon activation. While it has a 2600mAh rechargeable battery which should last about 10 hours it can also be left plugged in without overcharging. You can also expect clear night vision for up to 30 feet. Though with a 75-degree field of view you do pay a bit for hiding your camera inside a sleek clock. It also isn’t built for anything rugged so stay away from water. The push-button alerts are nice and the easy setup helps this multifunctional nanny cam stand out.

  • You’d never imagine it was a camera
  • Great night vision coverage time you get to reflective surfaces
  • Stylish and multifunctional
  • It doesn’t pick up audio
  • Viewing angle is just a few steps above the low end


How do I hide my nanny cam?

Look for a location that is either above or below the eye level of the intended person you want to see. Keep in mind whether they’ll be standing or sitting. Some good areas to hide camera are planters, vents, wall sockets, light switches, tissue boxes, and books.

You want to try to place it around like-colored objects. Two-way mirrors, curtain rods, and light fixtures are other solid ways to hide in plain sight. Most of the time buying a natural camouflage camera is the easiest way to go.